kate moss. smokey eyes

katesmokey eye inspiration

smokey eye inspiration

Since this is my very first fashion blog post, I thought I’d start with the queen of style..Kate Moss. This picture in particular inspired my desire to start a fashion blog called “smokeye.” As most of my friends know, I am a makeup JUNKIE…esp eye makeup. So here it is! The start to my fashion blogging with the first post about smokey eyes.

3 Comments on “kate moss. smokey eyes”

  1. Sexy Sadie says:

    She rocks the smokey eye totally!

  2. Holly J says:

    KATE!!!! One of my biggest fashion influences. Swoon-she really is the epitome of rock n roll and glamour and chicness. I just adore her. I love her eye makeup in the first pic. I really think a good smokey eye has as much to do with the makeup you use as your ability and technique. I’ve been wearing smokey eyes for years, and I still have not perfected it!! However, I am a big fan of Rimmel products. As you know Miss Moss is their cover girl.

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