Very Carrie

Outfit I styled Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw

Very Carrie



Jane Style

Jane and her Basket


jane birkin


Androgyny NEW OBBBSSEEESSSIIIONNNN!! Read about it in the most recent issue of Vogue. Seriously, I spend HOURS on this site and check it 230982342 times a day. Upload pictures from your closet or wish list and style outfits…SUPER FUN! ANNNDDD there are stylists, designers, fashion writers, etc. who grace the website with their presence (and they give great advice too). Great site for networking and getting FIERCE! Some one needs to help me get off the computer. With facebook, FML, textsfromlastnight,,, and now CLOSETCOUTURE…I’ll NEVER get off my computer/iphone.


here’s my “androgyny” look that i styled on the website

heath envy

justin. sexy. bobby.

Jane Birkin. Charlotte Gainsbourg. Lou Doillon.

jane fur basket

Jane Birkin. Fashion Icon-Actress-Singer-Film Director-AND the Hermes Birkin Bag is named after her…how fabulous can she get? She’s also mother of two equally fabulous daughters. Charlotte and Lou.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is a French/English actress and a singer/songwriter…she’s PERFECTED androgony chic.

Lou Doillon. My HERO. I live through her. Completelyyyyy envious of her existential, “fuck you I do what I want” persona.  When she was NINE she had dreadlocks (hardass bitch, I love it)..and dressed in leggings, short dresses and Grateful Dead T’s…and when she was ELEVEN she got tats and a tongue ring! Like I said..MY IDOL. Now, her style includes top hats and baggy boyfriend blazers and she has modeled for Gap and Givenchy. Lou, can I be you?

Moral of the story…I want to be in this family.

note: they all have the same haircut. love. try to tell them apart and you get bonus points!