Jane Birkin. Charlotte Gainsbourg. Lou Doillon.

jane fur basket

Jane Birkin. Fashion Icon-Actress-Singer-Film Director-AND the Hermes Birkin Bag is named after her…how fabulous can she get? She’s also mother of two equally fabulous daughters. Charlotte and Lou.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is a French/English actress and a singer/songwriter…she’s PERFECTED androgony chic.

Lou Doillon. My HERO. I live through her. Completelyyyyy envious of her existential, “fuck you I do what I want” persona.  When she was NINE she had dreadlocks (hardass bitch, I love it)..and dressed in leggings, short dresses and Grateful Dead T’s…and when she was ELEVEN she got tats and a tongue ring! Like I said..MY IDOL. Now, her style includes top hats and baggy boyfriend blazers and she has modeled for Gap and Givenchy. Lou, can I be you?

Moral of the story…I want to be in this family.

note: they all have the same haircut. love. try to tell them apart and you get bonus points!

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