Kate Moss AND Johnny Depp Dream Couple

too bad they’re no longer together BOOOOOO

“The first time I went to Johnny`s house in LA is when I realized what I was getting myself into.” -Kate Moss

“She’s super sharp, really smart and has got a great heart.” -Johnny Depp on Kate

“Johnny said, ‘We’re going to dinner’  He’s like, ‘Put a dress on’ and I’m like, ‘I haven’t got a dress.’ So I had on this satin dress down to the floor, and he got the scissors and he’s, like, cutting it up to the knee, literally, while we’re walking out the door. I’m wearing, like, red satin up to the knee, all jagged.”-Kate Moss on Johnny Depp …….. guess he really is Edward Scissor Hands!

“Kate is somebody I care about deeply. We were together for four years, and she’s a great, lovely, sweet, pure girl, really a great kid, and I care about her. I love her on a very deep, profound level. Distance is very difficult when you’re trying to maintain a relationship, when you’re thousands of miles apart for a lot of time.” -Johnny Depp on Kate

One Comment on “Kate Moss AND Johnny Depp Dream Couple”

  1. fourgetmenot says:

    ahhh i wish they were together, or at least had kids! they’d be so attractive.

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