maria elena

barcelona-penelop-cruz-barcelona1Vicky-Cristina-Barcelona-Penelope-hat vicky christina barcelona 

Maria Elena used to say that only unfulfilled love can be romantic. -juan antonio

After months of waiting, I finally watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona. My best friend gave me the movie as a gift and begged me not to rent it or watch it until she gave it to me. I have fallen in love with this movie. My best friend and another good friend of mine both raved about Penelope Cruz’s character Maria Elena.

Maria Elena says it herself in the movie, she is a “genius.” During the fall I took an Art History class which focused on Picasso, an artistic genius. Maria Elena is Picasso. No, not because she is a spanish artist….It’s her freespirit attitude about life and love, her crazy mood swings, her blunt and open remarks on anything and everything, her eye for beauty, her love of love (making love to be more specific), her passion for her artwork….All these things reminded me of Picasso.  I could continue forever and make an essay out of this but I don’t blog to write essays. Here are a few pictures of the GORGEOUS Maria Elena.


3 Comments on “maria elena”

  1. imsaraspiegel says:

    I love that movie. I love all the characters.
    Great comparison, it makes me want to learn more about Picasso.
    She is so beautiful

    • smokeye says:

      Thank you! You should def look into some books about Picasso…Viva Picasso is a book of pictures from Picasso’s life. You can really get an idea of what he is like through the pictures.

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