Alexa Chung: British Flag Decor

alexa chung british flag beadspreadalexa chung apartment

british flag pillow etsy

british flag queen pillowIt looks as if Alexa Chung hasn’t finished moving into her Brooklyn apartment…but as simple as it is…there is still a chic, sophisticated, urban quality to her style. Not to mention she has the best fashion sense…love the wooden platforms and knee high tights! What really drew my attention to this picture was the British flag draped over her bed. I now want some British inspired pieces in my new apartment! I found these pillows on etsy and kaboodle….


Oh! And I love her vinyls and record player…I spy David BowieDavidBowie Record

9 Comments on “Alexa Chung: British Flag Decor”

  1. dukeandlarn says:

    Loving her shorter hair do

  2. Jeffery says:


    I like your blog, very nice!!
    btw, where do you buy your British flag cushion and Queen stamp cushion??


    Jeffery (Hong Kong)

  3. samtest says:

    love it! but I can’t seem to be able to reach this post from my smartphone!!!

  4. Vespa Nu says:

    Wow where did you find your British flag bedspread? It looks so comfy!

  5. tori says:

    where did you get the bedspread i want one tell me anyone help please soon

  6. Sam V says:

    Where did you get that british flag bedspread? I love it!

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