Bedroom White-Out

FINALLYYYY! The time has come. I move into my new apartment TODAY! …well, technically I still have a 5 hour drive ahead of me before I can move in…but still! I can’t believe 3 months have already gone by. Okayyy onto the good stuff. Here’s as little taste of some WHITE-OUT…

ikea white bedroom2

elle decor white bedroom3

elle decor white bedroom2

I get thoughts of relaxation and rejuvenation just from a glimpse of these pictures!

I went bedroom shopping today. Inspiration-WHITE! I think the chicest bedrooms are always the ones with completely white..well..everything! That way the artwork and …clutter…does the speaking for itself. I am a HUGE fan of sticking shit on the wall…pictures, artwork, vintage bobbles, etc etc etc. White walls/furniture/bedspreads make a nice canvas for a pallet of personal expression! Let the walls do the talking!

domino bedroom2

elle decor white bedroom

white bedroom

Today I stocked up on a fluffy, white down comforter…YUMMYYY….some lavender sheets and pillow cases (new favorite color! my nails are currently lavender hehe) and some statement throw pillows.

I’m planning on nailing vintage doorknobs and hooks on the wall to hang god knows what… I’m thinking vintage purses, jewelry, scarves and so on. I also want this rockin, white chandelier from urbie-o. A perfect fit for my white-out themed room. 


urban outfitters light

Here’s a bedroom I LOOOOVEEE but will never have….it looks like something out of a chic fairytale. A girl can dream! That’s what bedrooms are for aren’t they?

vintage bedroom

i lykke you, meowww: Lykke Li and Cat Power

I’m back from NYC. AMAZING MONTH. Hollllyyy shit I wish I was still there. UGH.

Let’s not get too depressing now….

I decided to compile some songs to form the soundtrack of my trip…the second each song begins..the image of THE one and only Empire State pops in my brain…. the nightlife, concerts, movies, shopping, inside jokes…whatever!

New York Girls- Morningwood
Boys Boys Boys- Lady GaGa
Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson
D.A.N.C.E.- Justice
Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap
December 1963- The Four Seasons
You Make My Dreams Come True- Hall and Oates
Nowhere to Run- Martha and the Vandellas
Us- Regina Spektor
Diva- Beyonce
Beat It- Michael Jackson
Day and Night- Kid Cudi
Quelqu’ un M’a Dit- Carla Bruni
What A Feeling- Irene Cara
If You Leave- OMD
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough- Michael Jackson
Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again- Cat Power
I’m Good I’m Gone- Lykke Li

(Had to include some MJ!)

Now, let’s discuss the last two…Cat Power and Lykke Li…AMAZINGLY INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN. Not only are they gorgeous, they have ridiculous style AND they can SING god dammit! Perfect people…

Cat Power bob dylan

Cat Power


Lykke Li

Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall) started her singing career 17 years ago when she was 20 years old in NYC (jeezzz she does not look 37!) Her voice is freakishly similar to Bob Dylan’s (can I be this woman???)

Cat Power Flag

cat power

Lykke Li is a 23 year old Swedish singer whos music BLEEDS runway show. Her songs bring a certain “overly skinny, gamine girl drenched in designer duds” image to my mind.




Both chickass began their US singing careers in Brooklyn…gahhh love it.

This is Cat Power with Karl! Girl is living the life….

cat with karl

The Future Perfect: Williamsburg Shopping

the future perfectFinallyyyy had a shopping day in Williamsburg today (also stopped by on July 5th but was unsuccessful…I mean it WAS the day after July 4th…what do you expect??). Anyway, hit up a few stores that I mentioned in a previous post (see “New York Living”)…OAK, Fluke (which was CLOSED), Beacon’s Closet, etc etc etc…Also stopped by this art/furniture/jewelry store called The Future Perfect. My bffffff (hehe I’m such a girl) needed to pick up something for her mom. Thank goodness because I ended up LOVING the store. Price ranges for every budget and GREAT apartment finds. I found the cutest ring by AMT….it’s an acrylic “diamond ring.” I got it in RED…and it was only 10 bucks! Gotta love cheap diamonds.



amt's diamond ring 2


Also, I am craving some toile in my life. My mom had a toile border in the bathroom of my childhood house…a couple months ago I googled “toile pillows” and found some amazing hand stitched pillows (a funky take on the classic print). It was love at first sight….WELLLLLL…upon arriving in The Future Perfect, I was happy to find the EXACT pillows gracefully placed on the signature quilted white couch in the middle of the store. Unfortunately, they sold for about $180 per pillow, thank you. They also had these really awesome needlepoint graffiti pillows..they looked like something your really urban, break-dancing g-maw stitched you for a gift…brilliant. the FuturePerfect_06graffiti pillowtoile stitching


I will def need a few more Williamsburg shopping days…I need to make it back to Fluke while they are open! More to come!

Jackson Rathbone: Guilty Pleasure

smoking jackson

Okay..soooo…I must admit…the Twilight boys are my guilty pleasure. But seriously, COME ON ….they are YUMMMYYYYY. I came across some scrumptious pictures of Jackson in Nylon the other day. Mohawk=instant turn on…not sure why.  Jackson is not only delicious (why do I keep referring to him as something to eat?)…but he can also be considered a male fashion icon! YAY I love gorgeous boys who have their own style.








Need I say more???? There’s something about a boy with a mohawk who plays piano….

jackson piano


Milkmaid Braids. Vintage Shades

….sorry for the lame-o rhyme

I’m BACKKKKK! Okay…I apologize for the long absence. Like I said in my last post, I’m in NYC!!! I’ve been here for a week and a half and so far my trip has been: busy, wild, exhausting, inspiring, fashionable, challenging, HOT, rainy, sleepless, drama-filled, yummy, goofy, and so on. All of this has left me NO time to blog! Luckily, all the caffeine from yesterday has left me wide awake tonight…with nothing to do but BLOG. I would love to write aaaaalllllll about my trip but everyday has been action packed so I have no clue where to begin. Soooo, because I am constantly outside, I will discuss weather (aka fashion-conscious weather-wear). New York has been OHHHH SOOO rainy/hot/sunny/humid. I have decided that my new best friends are: Milkmaid Braids and Vintage Shades.


braid headband blonde


braid mary kate

Here’s the deal with milkmaid braids….I’ve been oo-ing and ah-ing over them since January; howeeevvverrrr, I cut my hair in December- preventing me from achieving the look. NOW my hair is finally back to its signature Rapunzel status. NYC weather is HUMID…esp for those of us who romp around the subway all day long…this is a death wish for all hair types.  The milkmaid braid seems to be the most promising solution to the problem. AND when I take them out at the end of the day, my hair has volume and waves! Ohhh milkmaid braid, you are not only cute but generous as well. I love that its a different take on the typical plaited braid trend.

Now onto shades- no need to explain. My new fave = ROUND

mary kate olsen chanel sunglasses

circle sunglasses ralph lauren

ALSO! I posted some of the sketches from the fashion drawing class I’m currently taking….I’ve had 3 classes so far…will try to post as often as I can!