The Future Perfect: Williamsburg Shopping

the future perfectFinallyyyy had a shopping day in Williamsburg today (also stopped by on July 5th but was unsuccessful…I mean it WAS the day after July 4th…what do you expect??). Anyway, hit up a few stores that I mentioned in a previous post (see “New York Living”)…OAK, Fluke (which was CLOSED), Beacon’s Closet, etc etc etc…Also stopped by this art/furniture/jewelry store called The Future Perfect. My bffffff (hehe I’m such a girl) needed to pick up something for her mom. Thank goodness because I ended up LOVING the store. Price ranges for every budget and GREAT apartment finds. I found the cutest ring by AMT….it’s an acrylic “diamond ring.” I got it in RED…and it was only 10 bucks! Gotta love cheap diamonds.



amt's diamond ring 2


Also, I am craving some toile in my life. My mom had a toile border in the bathroom of my childhood house…a couple months ago I googled “toile pillows” and found some amazing hand stitched pillows (a funky take on the classic print). It was love at first sight….WELLLLLL…upon arriving in The Future Perfect, I was happy to find the EXACT pillows gracefully placed on the signature quilted white couch in the middle of the store. Unfortunately, they sold for about $180 per pillow, thank you. They also had these really awesome needlepoint graffiti pillows..they looked like something your really urban, break-dancing g-maw stitched you for a gift…brilliant. the FuturePerfect_06graffiti pillowtoile stitching


I will def need a few more Williamsburg shopping days…I need to make it back to Fluke while they are open! More to come!

One Comment on “The Future Perfect: Williamsburg Shopping”

  1. Faridah says:

    I think I need one of those rings!! Thank you for the lovely compliment, I too love Daisy Lowe but I’m not sure how much I look like her cause I never really pay attention 🙂 Thank you again though, it’s such a compliment! x

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