Bedroom White-Out

FINALLYYYY! The time has come. I move into my new apartment TODAY! …well, technically I still have a 5 hour drive ahead of me before I can move in…but still! I can’t believe 3 months have already gone by. Okayyy onto the good stuff. Here’s as little taste of some WHITE-OUT…

ikea white bedroom2

elle decor white bedroom3

elle decor white bedroom2

I get thoughts of relaxation and rejuvenation just from a glimpse of these pictures!

I went bedroom shopping today. Inspiration-WHITE! I think the chicest bedrooms are always the ones with completely white..well..everything! That way the artwork and …clutter…does the speaking for itself. I am a HUGE fan of sticking shit on the wall…pictures, artwork, vintage bobbles, etc etc etc. White walls/furniture/bedspreads make a nice canvas for a pallet of personal expression! Let the walls do the talking!

domino bedroom2

elle decor white bedroom

white bedroom

Today I stocked up on a fluffy, white down comforter…YUMMYYY….some lavender sheets and pillow cases (new favorite color! my nails are currently lavender hehe) and some statement throw pillows.

I’m planning on nailing vintage doorknobs and hooks on the wall to hang god knows what… I’m thinking vintage purses, jewelry, scarves and so on. I also want this rockin, white chandelier from urbie-o. A perfect fit for my white-out themed room. 


urban outfitters light

Here’s a bedroom I LOOOOVEEE but will never have….it looks like something out of a chic fairytale. A girl can dream! That’s what bedrooms are for aren’t they?

vintage bedroom

2 Comments on “Bedroom White-Out”

  1. Holly J says:

    I agree with you- white rooms are tres chic. My fav one you featured is the 4rth. It’s chic, but still has a touch of warmth, which sometimes white rooms can lack. Good luck with the move!! That’s so exciting!

  2. holly m says:

    I just got the vintage door knob thing, and it looks great. adds so much. i hang my necklaces on them. looks amazing.

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