yellow jacket bzzzzz

yellow. absolutelllyyyy my least favorite color.

For some reason I despise it. I have no idea why! Maybe its because I typically wear dark colors? Maybe its because I have a very perky personality so I don’t want to accentuate it even more? Who knows. My Hunter rainboots are the only thing in my closet that are a disgustingly sunny color. I do love my Hunter rainboots though…I think any rain-attire (rain coat, umbrella, boots, hat etc.) looks cute in yellow. BUT that’s ALL. Don’t get me wrong… other people can pull off yellow. I just HATE it on me!

My best friend, mom, aunt…well pretty much everyone…attempt to dress me in it. And they FAIL. I thought I was yellow-free fo’ life until I turned on Bravo at 10pm. 2 words- Rachel Zoe. She never fails to inspire. Tonight on the newest episode, Rachel wore a neon yellow, biker-ish jacket. how bananas! (Rachel quote- fits with the yellow topic). WAKE UP CALL. Now, I want one. Who would have thought? I hope my best friend doesn’t read this…she will hold it over my head FOREVER. Anywho, here are some yummy yellow treats….

I want this one by Obey

I want this one by Obey

yellow jacket

yellow jacket photoshoot


yellow jacket magazine

As “bumble bee” as it is, I think yellow should be worn with black and white. Yellow is a statement color in it’s own right and should stay that way. Black and white let it SHINE! ew. that was oh-so cheezzzeeey. Let me end this now before I ruin this post all together! Moral of the story- yellow jacket+black/white=a yellow combo I will actually wear.

jorts. do it right.

jorts are a summer fashion staple. but only for those who know how to handle their rugged, almost trashy nature. no one wants to be “daisy duke gone wrong” or “honky tonk hooker” or -to put it simply- “trashy.” jorts can go terribly wrong or they can look like this…..

denim shorts erin wasson

denim shorts chloe2

denim shorts chloe

denim shorts alexa chung

denim shorts runway

denim shorts runway2

denim shorts alexa chung 2

denim shorts alexa chung 3

I like high waisted jorts the best because they are fresher and less high school abercrombie and fitch…They always look good with a tucked in vintage tshirt BUT I esp like them paired with black leather-either a leather jacket, booties, belt, vest or bag. I also like them with a striped, tucked in baggy top. Black and white look best with jorts because it steers CLEAR of prairie girl and leans more towards biker chic. I avoid floral or plaid tops which SCREAM “farmer Jane”. Best combo = baggy white-t with darkwash shorts and leather jacket OR black and white striped tank with light wash shorts and black booties…Urban Outfitters has tonnnnss of BDG Boyfriend Cut Offs in lightwash, darkwash, bleach stained, etc etc. I’m gonna collect them allll!!!! Haha just like beany babies but more hardcore.

Outfit I styled on Closet Couture

Outfit I styled on Closet Couture

rachel zoe is back! i die.

rachel zoeDuring the summer I am completely slack on watching my shows. Today was the first time I’ve picked up a remote in like 3 months. really. I could have held off longer if it wasn’t for the stylish antics of Rachel Zoe. Bravo had a Rachel marathon alllll day that lead up to the premiere of the new season. It was bananas. I dieeee! (both Rachel quotes).

rachel zoe studio

taylor rachel zoe2

And can we talk about how much I love/hate Taylor? What a freaking adorable bitch! Love her black leather style…it goes with her personality perfectly. And that HAIR color!  Wish I could pull it off.

taylor rachel zoe

taylor and rachel zoe

Model or Ballerina?

ballet fashion 3ballet fashion 6


tall. slender.

grace. poise.

art. muse. 

anorexic. bulimic. *

model or ballerina? I think they are interchangeable

*should I apologize for this one? nahhh…I was once a dancer..and will always and forever be addicted to the wafer thin appeal of a model

ballet runway

ballet fashion 5

ballet fashion 4


I think designers got bored with everyday items and went a little crazy with the stud gun. I’ve noticed everything this past year has been drenched with studs. I thought I was sick of the stud trend until my friend showed me these studded Capezio ballet shoes. I have a new found love for studs again…PERFECT combination- girly grace and elegance + hardcore punk rock…like I always say- fashion should be a contradiction! I can’t wait to get them-I miss prancing around in ballet shoes like I used to during my dance I just have to choose whether I want to DIY or swipe the credit..hmmmm

ballet studded

ballet studded2


I will end with this cool picture that fits in with my hardcore ballerina nonsense…

ballet photography

peace. love. bahamas.

hippie swimstyle

I’m going to the BAHAMAS in TWO DAYS! I know what you’re thinking…what sort of crazy girl is writing this blog…she’s been in 7 different states in the past 3 months! Seriously though, I have been living out of a suitcase for the ENTIRE summer…..mainly because I have had no real “home” since the beginning of May. I like to call it couch surfing. BUUUUT on Aug 16th, after my Bahamas trip, I will finally be in one place for a long period of time. FINALLY.

60s nassau bahamas

Don’t you love the vintage Nassau Bahamas ad I stumbled across? After finding it, I decided I would do a “vintage beach style” post. Here is some inspiration that put me in a surfer babe mood. ENJOYYY.

jackie beach

vintage poolside

vintage swimwear

favorite... what a scandal

Jean-Patchett-swim style

vintage poolside bike

hippie hat

can I be you please?

vintage beach

60s beach