peace. love. bahamas.

hippie swimstyle

I’m going to the BAHAMAS in TWO DAYS! I know what you’re thinking…what sort of crazy girl is writing this blog…she’s been in 7 different states in the past 3 months! Seriously though, I have been living out of a suitcase for the ENTIRE summer…..mainly because I have had no real “home” since the beginning of May. I like to call it couch surfing. BUUUUT on Aug 16th, after my Bahamas trip, I will finally be in one place for a long period of time. FINALLY.

60s nassau bahamas

Don’t you love the vintage Nassau Bahamas ad I stumbled across? After finding it, I decided I would do a “vintage beach style” post. Here is some inspiration that put me in a surfer babe mood. ENJOYYY.

jackie beach

vintage poolside

vintage swimwear

favorite... what a scandal

Jean-Patchett-swim style

vintage poolside bike

hippie hat

can I be you please?

vintage beach

60s beach

2 Comments on “peace. love. bahamas.”

  1. Holly J says:

    How I die for those retro swim suits<3 And that floppy hat!?!?! Swoon!

  2. veronika says:

    I wish i was traveling with you.
    we would make a great pair.

    i respect and admire the images!
    the scandal suit. oh my!

    in the process of buying a plane ticket to bahamas now

    digg it. love peace faith virtue

    lets travel. backpacks. start a revolution. enough with these fast cars and loud bars

    we strive for green sublime and mountain livin with coconuts and lime

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