Model or Ballerina?

ballet fashion 3ballet fashion 6


tall. slender.

grace. poise.

art. muse. 

anorexic. bulimic. *

model or ballerina? I think they are interchangeable

*should I apologize for this one? nahhh…I was once a dancer..and will always and forever be addicted to the wafer thin appeal of a model

ballet runway

ballet fashion 5

ballet fashion 4


I think designers got bored with everyday items and went a little crazy with the stud gun. I’ve noticed everything this past year has been drenched with studs. I thought I was sick of the stud trend until my friend showed me these studded Capezio ballet shoes. I have a new found love for studs again…PERFECT combination- girly grace and elegance + hardcore punk rock…like I always say- fashion should be a contradiction! I can’t wait to get them-I miss prancing around in ballet shoes like I used to during my dance I just have to choose whether I want to DIY or swipe the credit..hmmmm

ballet studded

ballet studded2


I will end with this cool picture that fits in with my hardcore ballerina nonsense…

ballet photography

2 Comments on “Model or Ballerina?”

  1. Chloeeee says:

    wow, this site is pretty cool!! i am a dancer, and i totally agree with the stuff you say, i wish ballet where i am wsn’t taken quite s seriosuly and was actually more like this!!

  2. Crystal says:

    As a dancer-turned-photographer I totally dig this! Awesome. 🙂

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