jorts. do it right.

jorts are a summer fashion staple. but only for those who know how to handle their rugged, almost trashy nature. no one wants to be “daisy duke gone wrong” or “honky tonk hooker” or -to put it simply- “trashy.” jorts can go terribly wrong or they can look like this…..

denim shorts erin wasson

denim shorts chloe2

denim shorts chloe

denim shorts alexa chung

denim shorts runway

denim shorts runway2

denim shorts alexa chung 2

denim shorts alexa chung 3

I like high waisted jorts the best because they are fresher and less high school abercrombie and fitch…They always look good with a tucked in vintage tshirt BUT I esp like them paired with black leather-either a leather jacket, booties, belt, vest or bag. I also like them with a striped, tucked in baggy top. Black and white look best with jorts because it steers CLEAR of prairie girl and leans more towards biker chic. I avoid floral or plaid tops which SCREAM “farmer Jane”. Best combo = baggy white-t with darkwash shorts and leather jacket OR black and white striped tank with light wash shorts and black booties…Urban Outfitters has tonnnnss of BDG Boyfriend Cut Offs in lightwash, darkwash, bleach stained, etc etc. I’m gonna collect them allll!!!! Haha just like beany babies but more hardcore.

Outfit I styled on Closet Couture

Outfit I styled on Closet Couture

4 Comments on “jorts. do it right.”

  1. Etrapar says:

    I like vintage t’shirts ^.^

  2. emma says:

    mmmm i love me some short shorts!

    i miss you chica, when are you moving your ass over here??

  3. Halli says:

    black gold and red cardigan alexa is wearing is by chloe. saw it in a store a while back and it was 350. for a wool cardigan. redic.

  4. Dress Pants says:

    leather jackets can really make you look good, they also make you feel warm and comfortable .;:

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