lady is a vampire

wild-fox-couture-9wildfoxf09wildfox-couture 3wild-fox-couture-8wild-fox-couture-2WildFox vampire 2wildfox vampirewild-fox-couture-fangs


brain isn’t functioning- super busy past 2 weeks- a million art projects, dance practice, internship, concerts, went out too much, got sick, in bed all weekend, all nighter last night, huge architecture test this morning. can’t think- need coffee.  obviously can’t type a coherent sentence.

I’m ready for Halloween NOW- favorite holiday. want to be a vampire…these pictures from wildfox couture inspired me. ENJOY.

alexa chung. the london fashion week “it girl”


Alexa Chung has “It” ….but what is it? Something about her pencil thin legs, her bare (but always gorgeous) face and “4th grader” hair cut gives off that longed for “I just rolled out of bed but still look sexy and laid back at the same time”  look.  This is most likely why she is an It Girl to begin with; however, this isn’t entirely why she keeps my attention. Soooo many It Girls have long legs and perfect complexions yet they lack that quirk that Alexa seems to emulate. I’ve decided that the cherry on top of Alexa’s appeal is her ability to take a trend and twist it into something completely new. There are wayyy too many pictures of Alexa that I ADORE (trust me I’ve got about 500 pictures of her stored on my computer haha)…so I decided to focus on the most recent of the bunch – London Fashion Week. Here are some pictures of…well…that “it” quality I can’t get enough of!

alexa chung london fashion week 

Her pairing of a typically vampy, sexy item -leather leggings- with a classic, “school girl” staple -saddle oxfords- is brilliant. (Bass saddle oxfords were part of my uniform in high school so I have a fond connection to them : ) I loved having a uniform- seriously!)

bass saddle oxford

I like these in dark brown- they are a different take on the typical black style.

alexa chung london fashion week4

Jorts- THE trend right now….but with a pea-coat and patent ankle booties? She does it again!



see_by_chloe studded leather boots

….I love these boots with jorts and a classic jacket because they add edge. (See by Chloe)

alexa chung london fashion week 2

A biker, pilot, tribal hippy?? I love the mix of different style influences and textures. OH and the black/brown combo=perfection. Here are some lace up boots by Alexander Wang (future hubby) that I must own. (found on

alexander wang boots

Alexa’s classic looks are equally as eye catching as her more trendy ones….PERFECT example….trench + black dress + sky-high, lace-up booties.

alexa chung london fashion week 3

These lace-up booties by Velvet Angels are TO DIE FOR!!!! You can tell I have a crazy shoe obbsesssioonnn. (also found on

velvet angel boots

I’ll end with this kick ass picture of Alexa and Agyness DJ-ing during London Fashion Week.

alexa chung london fashion week dj

alexander wang, will you marry me?

 alexander wang love

“I think it’s always about expanding the language of what people are used to seeing. We really made our stamp on the body conscious, zipper, studded. For me, it’s about giving our girl something else to be excited about and to take her into different areas. That was the starting point. Not to say that she’s lost that completely but to expand her horizons. I really wanted to think about classic American sportswear, and the idea of things feeling a bit more timeless with history behind it; like the classic trench coat, the army parka or things to do with Americana – being outdoors, camping, uniforms, boyscouts. There were also fencing references, rugby, basically a lot of athleticism. You can see the touches of inspiration but it’s all still real clothes. It’s not re-inventing the wheel, it’s still a jacket, a top, a pants that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe.” –Alexander Wang on his new collection (

The Collection


alexander wang show

My Favorites

Alexander Wang is brilliant. He managed to open my eyes to the world of American classic sportswear. That is a feat in itself! This collection=only sporty clothes I’ll be caught dead in!

alexander wang fave 6

alexander wang fave 5

alexander wang fave 4

alexander wang fave 3

alexander wang fave 2

alexander wang fave

The Mastermind

alexander wang runway

alexander wang backstage

The Gas Station After Party

Wardrobe=black leather

alexander wang and lykke li

alexander wang after party 8

alexander wang after party 7

alexander wang after party 5

alexander wang after party 6

alexander wang after party 4

alexander wang after party2

alexander wang after party

leather me up, stud muffin

balmain backstage

Fall is coming!!! (unfortunately the weather isn’t showing it yet)….Even though I’m drenched in sweat….I’m still picking out my fall wardrobe must haves. I’ll be wearing- leather, silk, studs, metallic, black, white, gray and silver. Looking back on the Fall 2009 shows, I picked out who did it right in my book. My favorites- Balmain, Antonio Berardi and YSL. Here are my top picks….

Balmainbalmain runway leatherbalmain runway 2balmain skirt runway56904557 

Antonio Berardiantonioberardi runwayantonioberardi fall runway

YSLYSL-Fall-Fashion-2009-2YSL-Fall-Fashion-2009-YSL-Fall09-2ysl fall 2009 runway


Balmain: young, edgy, urban, “going out” looks

Antonio Berardi: cocktail/formal, classy with an edgy appeal

YSL: business meets biker

My Take!

(HAD to add some Louboutin’s!)

The best accessory to add to an entirely black/white/gray look (other than Louboutin’s) is LIPSTICK! (Especially during the fall/winter)….I stashed away all my fun lipstick colors this summer to avoid a melty blob of mess in my clutch. Summer isn’t really the best time for lipstick, especially in the humidity that I can’t seem to avoid! HOWEVER, now that fall is creeping in (too slowly) it is time to reincarnate my hot pinks, deep reds and bubble gums! Here are my favorite shades that add a pop of color to the previous looks…

Smashbox Pout Lipgloss

Smashbox Pout Lipgloss

This lipgloss goes on thick, almost like a lipstick, and stays put foooooreevvverrrr.

Chatterbox by MAC

Chatterbox by MAC

The HOTTEST of the hot pinks. MAC makes the best bold colors.

Chanel Rouge Hydrabase

Chanel Rouge Hydrabase

Can’t go wrong with a classic red by Chanel.

WHEW! okay this post was LOOONNNNGGG. I just looked back on it and realized how much of the page this will take up. Oh well! ENJOYYYYYY