alexander wang, will you marry me?

 alexander wang love

“I think it’s always about expanding the language of what people are used to seeing. We really made our stamp on the body conscious, zipper, studded. For me, it’s about giving our girl something else to be excited about and to take her into different areas. That was the starting point. Not to say that she’s lost that completely but to expand her horizons. I really wanted to think about classic American sportswear, and the idea of things feeling a bit more timeless with history behind it; like the classic trench coat, the army parka or things to do with Americana – being outdoors, camping, uniforms, boyscouts. There were also fencing references, rugby, basically a lot of athleticism. You can see the touches of inspiration but it’s all still real clothes. It’s not re-inventing the wheel, it’s still a jacket, a top, a pants that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe.” –Alexander Wang on his new collection (

The Collection


alexander wang show

My Favorites

Alexander Wang is brilliant. He managed to open my eyes to the world of American classic sportswear. That is a feat in itself! This collection=only sporty clothes I’ll be caught dead in!

alexander wang fave 6

alexander wang fave 5

alexander wang fave 4

alexander wang fave 3

alexander wang fave 2

alexander wang fave

The Mastermind

alexander wang runway

alexander wang backstage

The Gas Station After Party

Wardrobe=black leather

alexander wang and lykke li

alexander wang after party 8

alexander wang after party 7

alexander wang after party 5

alexander wang after party 6

alexander wang after party 4

alexander wang after party2

alexander wang after party

3 Comments on “alexander wang, will you marry me?”

  1. Holly J says:

    I am feelin those loose braids!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Post more! You’re Fab Lady!

  3. dukeandlarn says:

    I most definitely think he has changed the way our genertaion dresses…..a day after his show all over London girls were rocking those braids!



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