alexa chung. the london fashion week “it girl”


Alexa Chung has “It” ….but what is it? Something about her pencil thin legs, her bare (but always gorgeous) face and “4th grader” hair cut gives off that longed for “I just rolled out of bed but still look sexy and laid back at the same time”  look.  This is most likely why she is an It Girl to begin with; however, this isn’t entirely why she keeps my attention. Soooo many It Girls have long legs and perfect complexions yet they lack that quirk that Alexa seems to emulate. I’ve decided that the cherry on top of Alexa’s appeal is her ability to take a trend and twist it into something completely new. There are wayyy too many pictures of Alexa that I ADORE (trust me I’ve got about 500 pictures of her stored on my computer haha)…so I decided to focus on the most recent of the bunch – London Fashion Week. Here are some pictures of…well…that “it” quality I can’t get enough of!

alexa chung london fashion week 

Her pairing of a typically vampy, sexy item -leather leggings- with a classic, “school girl” staple -saddle oxfords- is brilliant. (Bass saddle oxfords were part of my uniform in high school so I have a fond connection to them : ) I loved having a uniform- seriously!)

bass saddle oxford

I like these in dark brown- they are a different take on the typical black style.

alexa chung london fashion week4

Jorts- THE trend right now….but with a pea-coat and patent ankle booties? She does it again!



see_by_chloe studded leather boots

….I love these boots with jorts and a classic jacket because they add edge. (See by Chloe)

alexa chung london fashion week 2

A biker, pilot, tribal hippy?? I love the mix of different style influences and textures. OH and the black/brown combo=perfection. Here are some lace up boots by Alexander Wang (future hubby) that I must own. (found on

alexander wang boots

Alexa’s classic looks are equally as eye catching as her more trendy ones….PERFECT example….trench + black dress + sky-high, lace-up booties.

alexa chung london fashion week 3

These lace-up booties by Velvet Angels are TO DIE FOR!!!! You can tell I have a crazy shoe obbsesssioonnn. (also found on

velvet angel boots

I’ll end with this kick ass picture of Alexa and Agyness DJ-ing during London Fashion Week.

alexa chung london fashion week dj

4 Comments on “alexa chung. the london fashion week “it girl””

  1. thethread1 says:

    We loveeee the Velvet Angels booties! and the trench is to die for. 😀

  2. Holly J says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Alex use of different styles and textures is really brilliant and always comes off so effortlessly. Another thing I think that gives her that “It” factor is that she still seems so approachable and real, oppose to some other “IT” girls. I always get the sense that she would be a delight to have tea with and just to sit and gossip with. I don’t think she gets how pretty or hip she is, which is refreshing.

  3. Halli says:

    Peytie your blog is really really good. the writing is creative and catchy, and you have such great themes for each post. AS YOUR BFF, ive obviously heard these ideas in your little brain when we talk on the phone, but they’re so fun to look at on your blog, peytie poopp. I still dont think you should be a vampire for halloween, but looking at that post i can see whyyyy u wanna be one now! ew ok im being too nice. loveee youuu sistahhh! p.s. those girl sin the first post look like me and you! im the darker haired one of course!

  4. nvlnvl says:

    i really adore her:)
    she got a very strong personal style which suit her pretty well:)

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