the nightmare before fashion

What a perfect combination- Halloween and Fashion. Skeleton thin models, black lace and leather, dark nails, red lips and -of course- smokey eyes.


When I saw this Harper’s Bazaar Tim Burton spread…I nearly fell off my chair. This is by far my favorite photoshoot of theirs in awhile. PERFECTION!



tim burton spread 4

tim burton spread

tim burton spread 5






tim burton spread 3

Ruven Afanador, one of my favorite fashion photographers, did this evolution inspired spread which fits PERFECTLY with my Halloween-fashion theme. Who doesn’t love skeletons?

ruven afanador skull fashion 7

ruven afanador skull fashion 6Ruven Afanador skull fashion 2

Ruven Afanador skull fashion3Ruven Afanador skull fashion

Like I’ve already said, Halloween is my favorite holiday. It probably has a lot to do with my mom. Traditions in my family were not exactly normal: we anticipated the arrival of the “Great Pumpkin” (the Santa of Halloween), watched The Nightmare Before Christmas over and over again, read spell books (my mom told my sister and I that we were real witches! haha) and danced outside to eerie music during the first cool, Fall night– what I like to call Halloween weather. Howevvverrr, I’m not home anymore. I MISS IT!

Something I love about Charleston though is that Halloween isn’t just one day…it is an ENTIRE WEEK- “Halloweek.” That means….numerous costumes and several parties…my 2 favorite things! What’s not to love about this holiday…or holi-week?

Soooooo… now it is time to pop in some Tim Burton movies and get inspired!

3 Comments on “the nightmare before fashion”

  1. Holly J says:

    I love that there is someone out there that actually waits for the Great Pumpkin! That’s awesome. Hope you post pictures of the costumes you wear! I’d love to see.

  2. emma says:

    i love these photos! perfect for halloween!

  3. […] can check out the rest of the spread at Smokeye. The concept for the shoot is also quite interesting, themed around […]

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