shopping day

FINALLYYYYYY…a shopping day!!! I have been lacking some Fall/Winter essentials which NEEDED to make a way into my wardrobe. Here are some staples of the season that I picked up during my Thanksgiving break and the pictures that inspired my purchases:

Faux Fur Vest: Obvious must have for warmth and fashion purposes. I have be suffering without one forever and my life finally feels complete.

Black, lace-up, wedge boots: Practically EVERY designer from AWang to Phi to Chloe to Proenza to Mui Mui have created a pair of these immaculate commodities…I felt like I was the ONLY person without some! Not anymoooorreee… {acne wedges}

Statement Bauble/Chain Necklace: I bought 2 of these…the first is a thick, gold chain entangled with smaller ribbons and chains. The other one is layered silver and gold chains. Perfect bold pieces for my typical black ensemble. {oscar de la renta & dkny necklaces}

Embellished, Cropped Jacket: Doesn’t have much of a warmth-factor but looks chic and professional at the same time. SUCCESS.

Grey Wrap Coat: The coziest thing I have EVER tried on. It reminds me of my college sweatshirt… minus the “library sesh” look.

2 Comments on “shopping day”

  1. diyana says:

    I love your blog. It makes me feel pep and more into fashion. Keep up 😀

  2. Mira says:

    Thanks for great inspiration in all of your posts!

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