obsessions of the day

Today has been a fashion obsessed day.

{not that I ever DON’T have a fashion obsessed day…but today was particularly fashion-y}

To start, I wore my faux fur vest for the first time…definate mood booster. Secondly, I stumbled across the most immaculate picture of Zac Posen…fashion god and delicious eye candy.  yum yum. Thirdlyyyy, I became more familiar with a few of fashion’s fresh faces {Abbey Lee Kershaw, Imogen Morris Clarke, Anna Selezneva and Kemp Muhl to name a few…}. AND FINALLYY, I organized my internship schedule for the remainder of the semester {fashion brunches, shop walks, launch parties, fashion week model castings, and photoshoots galore!!}. Is it possible to be high off of fashion? I believe so.

Zac Posen. eihroihfljwrwqpoidlkfhs SO YUMMY! Don’t you agree?

(sorry for the excitement)

Kemp Muhl. Somewhat of a scandal {Daisy Lowe-type persona}. That’s why I love her….

Imogen Morris Clarke. Doe-eyed, 17 year old goof-ball. So cute.

Anna Selezneva. Walked in AWang, Balmain, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, etc. etc…..she’s got the whole alphabet!

Abbey Lee Kershaw. Aussie. Pierced Nose. Tats. Nuff Said.

2 Comments on “obsessions of the day”

  1. Sarah says:

    Love Love Love the last two posts, although I do believe I deserve a shot out for the Zac inspriation of the day 🙂 . I am coming into your room right now to get the red nail polish. you have INSPIRED me!!!

    PS- you know how i feel about the decorated tree tid bit.
    xoxo, Santa’s Helper

  2. monmons says:

    He’s GORGEOUS!

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