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{french vogue: april 2008}

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good morning, charlie

Charlie Le Mindu‘s collection makes me über-duper excited. After seeing some of my favorite performers wear his pieces, I had to do a little research myself

{click for peaches and gaga wearing Charlie Le Mindu}

Let me give you a little update on my life. Last night,  I had a scathingly brilliant idea. I decided to wait outside of the GaGa concert (ticket-less) and mingle with scalpers in hopes to make my way into the monster-ball. Unfortunately, the premise was scalper-free….but did that stop me? Yeah right.  Since there were no scalpers to bargain with, I moved on to the next best thing: doormen. With a little flirting and a wad of cash, I WAS IN!!!!! Yes, I bribed my way into the Lady GaGa concert- and I’m proud of it!! AMAZINNGG CONCERT- hence, this post.

I can talk for decades about how inspirational GaGa is, but I will spare you the rambling and focus on one topic. WIGS! Thanks to Miss GaGa, the monster-wig queen, I stumbled across the brilliant Charlie Le Mindu. I saw his Spring 2010 collection awhile back and became OBBBBSSESSSED. I’m a hair-mogul myself (yes, I used to cut everyone’s bangs in the girl’s bathroom back in the 8th grade)..so seeing someone with unique hair expertise is so refreshing, especially since it is applied to high fashion. I’ve always wanted to blog about him but never felt that spark of inspiration that is required for my posts.

Thank you, Queen GaGa, for entrancing me with your performance and making this post possible. Love, your little Monster.

i want candyyy

Fifteen years ago, I was begging my mom to take me to the candy store and buy me everything in sight! …today, it’s a totally different story. Okay, well there’s still begging involved…and in this case, there’s still a “candy shop” involved….

Candy Shop Vintage is a jewelry shop “inspired by the aesthetic of vintage candy stores and soda fountains” and is a “combination of nostalgia and excitement.”  It is also the shop that introduced me to the Aries Ring. If you keep up with my blog, you know I have a crazy-fantastic ring fetish (along with my shoe fetish and eye makeup fetish)…and if you REALLLYYY know me, you know that I have a crazy obsession with horoscopes. So you can only imagine my reaction when I stumbled across an Aries Ram ring.

{Here is the Capricorn Ring…Aries Ring picture will be posted soon}

So here’s the story….My boss hosted a Vintage Village event featuring local vintage vendors (me + tons of vintage + credit card = distaster). Picture this:  debit card in one hand–vintage jewelry, boots and clothes in the other….I then had to remind myself that $27 in the bank account was not enough for a beaded dress, sequin shirt, brocade jacket, over the knee boots (they are red suede HELLOOO must have) AND the Aries Ram ring. That’s where mommy came in…thanks mom for the early Christmas gifts!! AND thank you Lori Wyatt for my red boots, Cavortress for my New Years outfit, and Candy Shop Vintage for my Aries Ram ring.

Isn’t Candy Shop Vintage so cute?! I love the displays!!

Also, here are some TO DIIIEEEE FOR furs from Cavortress. I tried the black one on but didn’t get it…I could only beg for so much from the mother!!!

i love lucy

I am about to give an extended amount of attention to lucy carr ellison.

I would like to thank my good friend Hillary for this inspiration. Out of sheer boredom/procrastination… my friend and I spent hours and hours reading magazines, trying on clothes, making tea and hot chocolate (mug after mug- hellloooo potty break) and reading blogs (ya know- girly things). One blog in particular caught our attention for a majority of the time… Style Like U.

After peaking inside of Lucy’s closet, and hearing her killer brit-accent,  I was dying for more. VOILA. I wasn’t surprised to see saucy photography on her website (I knew there was more to this chick than her killer shoe collection). Lucy’s photography practically killed me and brought me back to life. I love her raw, raunchy style- cigarette buds and nudes, thank you.  I love her pictures that are very “caught in the momment.” ….or as Lucy likes to put it “getting people while they’re really drunk or something…like a one night stand…I like getting people in bed and girls gettting dressed. Not in a sexual way..in a vunerable but also confident way.” HELLO- RAW PHOTOGRAPHY! my favveee….

Here is a little taste of what her photography is all about…

Thank you, my dear friend Hillary, for coming over and distracting me from my French project and piles of laundry. It was way worth it.

NOTE- Pictures enjoyed best while listening to Moi je joue by Brigitte Bardot (and sipping on peach tea while smoking a fag- hehe so pretentious)