i love lucy

I am about to give an extended amount of attention to lucy carr ellison.

I would like to thank my good friend Hillary for this inspiration. Out of sheer boredom/procrastination… my friend and I spent hours and hours reading magazines, trying on clothes, making tea and hot chocolate (mug after mug- hellloooo potty break) and reading blogs (ya know- girly things). One blog in particular caught our attention for a majority of the time… Style Like U.

After peaking inside of Lucy’s closet, and hearing her killer brit-accent,  I was dying for more. VOILA. I wasn’t surprised to see saucy photography on her website (I knew there was more to this chick than her killer shoe collection). Lucy’s photography practically killed me and brought me back to life. I love her raw, raunchy style- cigarette buds and nudes, thank you.  I love her pictures that are very “caught in the momment.” ….or as Lucy likes to put it “getting people while they’re really drunk or something…like a one night stand…I like getting people in bed and girls gettting dressed. Not in a sexual way..in a vunerable but also confident way.” HELLO- RAW PHOTOGRAPHY! my favveee….

Here is a little taste of what her photography is all about…

Thank you, my dear friend Hillary, for coming over and distracting me from my French project and piles of laundry. It was way worth it.

NOTE- Pictures enjoyed best while listening to Moi je joue by Brigitte Bardot (and sipping on peach tea while smoking a fag- hehe so pretentious)

3 Comments on “i love lucy”

  1. Sarah says:

    i love them all!!! the one of the girl sitting by the door reminds me soooo much of that pitcha of vandie you took a few months back! although the hot chocolate you were drinking with hill was most probably MY skinny hot choc from caviar, I forgive you in advance- because i miss you. xoxo

  2. Halli says:

    My friend David was one of the main people to create this blog. isnt it amazing?? he interned for the stylist who created it. there are many fit students in it..i have yet to get a call, haha jk i’m not as innovative as these people!!!!

  3. itoodreamincolorandrhyme says:

    i looooove those mint gree doc martens

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