when I grow up, I want to be Françoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy

French singer, actress, style icon and astrologer

Style Moments

{HELLO metallic jumpsuit}

{Bold maxi, waist belt, bauble necklace… perfection}

{high waisted shorts and ruffle neckline= french chic}

{fur coat. nuff said.}

{she would be able to pull this off…jealous. jealous. jealous.}

{black alligator jacket, can I have you?}

Can one person have everything? Looks, talent and style? Not to mention she’s French, which makes her even more perfect….and an astrologer!!! (astrology=sick addiction of mine). So, to put it simply, I want to be her when I grow up.

Check ittttt…..

After watching that video… you want to hide under a rock…don’t you?

{images from: handbag and a tale of four cities}

10 Comments on “when I grow up, I want to be Françoise Hardy”

  1. LouveTomsen says:

    And what’s more, she used to date the hottest French guy ever, called Jacques Dutronc (picture on http://www.purepeople.com/media/jacques-dutronc-et-francoise-hardy_m58091) !
    He is a singer too and he is absolutely awesome, actually reminds me of Steve Mc Quuen, don’t you agree?

  2. Halli says:


  3. Halli says:

    ohh also look up Anna Karina….french actress and director in 1960’s

  4. kellebelle says:

    Wow. I love love love these pics, especially the gold dress top right.
    Awesome blog.

  5. kidA says:

    hi, was very surprised to find Françoise Hardy, Birkin, Bordot etc at the blog of the girl from Charleston (???). I’ve been living in SC for a year and half, have friends in CofC but still haven’t met anyone who knows at least the name Serge Gainsbourg.
    liked your website ))

  6. annaxfinn says:

    absolutely love her and cat power!! two very inspirational women.

    nice blog! always gives me new ideas

  7. MikiyFhs3 says:

    Helpful article. Many thanks for sharing

  8. Luc says:


    I was wondering if you know the name of the photographer who took the picture of Francoise Hardy sitting on the sofa with the telephone (3rd or 4th picture of this page).
    Thanks in advance !

    All the best,


  9. Lita says:

    I adore her! just look at that jaw line.. makes me want a fringe. badly. xx

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