Props to Aldo

Aldo Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign

{Jessica Stam and Boyd Holbrook
shot by Terry Richardson}

Props to Aldo for hiring photographer Terry Richardson!…one of my favorite photographers. His pictures are usually super raunchy and raw…which I love. For Aldo, he kept it innocent and playful…which I also love (but maybe a little less).

Speaking of PROPS!! That’s my favorite thing about this campaign. It reminds me of when I was in elementary school and I REALLYYYY wanted a lip phone. I put it on every Christmas/birthday list for about 5 years but gave up once cell phones rolled around. I still want one…..also loving the skull and the cheetah.

{images from}

Here’s the campaign video….

So impressed with Aldo for doing something cool.

Inès de la Fressange

{a look inside her Paris studio}

Another french fashion obsession of mine…fashion sketches + witty french= Angéline Mélin

Oh! And Happy Mardi Gras!!! Enjoy a day of king cakes, parades, beads, booze and some Mardi Gras macaroons from my favorite New Orleans sweet shop, Sucre.  French style sweets with a New Orleans twist. Yum.

black and gold

Black and Gold

My favorite color combination

Looks best with….chains, studs, sequins, brocade, buckles…..annndddd in the Superbowl

I’m from New Orleans-cut me some slack!

{birthday requests}

{house of harlow necklace and headpiece }

{Cecilia De Bucourt Scarf}

and I can’t end a post without a little music…..

This song by Sam Sparro always pops into my head when I say

“black and gold”

and I can’t mention the Saints without my LOUIS!!! (no, not Vuitton)

it’s a family affair

Growing up…my brother, sister and I were COMPLETELY different. My brother played rugby, my sister read books about dragons and I put on a pair of tap shoes and a tutu. Fastforward 2010…My brother: fashion design major…my sister: obbsessed with Alexander McQueen…and I, well, you already know. Crazy how things work out, right!? Here’s where it gets even better…we are now a family of BLOGGERS! My brother started his this past weekend….Style Deviant…check it out!! Combine fashion/music/random with his clever wit and VIOLA…a great blog is born! …..we just need to get my sister in on it…trust me, it’s in the makings. I’ll keep you updated!!

Speaking of fashionable families….The Ronson’s know what’s up. I can’t help but compare my family to them…2 sisters and a brother, HELLO! And they’re all style savy!! If only my family can make it to their level!!! I don’t need to give you a bio on this fabulous-o trio (who DOESN’T know who they are)…but I will give you some pics to quench your fashion-thirst!


Mark…yum yum


I couldn’t have a post without some designer actionnnn. Speaking of Miss Ronson…here’s some of my favorites from her Spring ’10 collection.

And here’s a little music!! Mark Ronson- Diverson