black and gold

Black and Gold

My favorite color combination

Looks best with….chains, studs, sequins, brocade, buckles…..annndddd in the Superbowl

I’m from New Orleans-cut me some slack!

{birthday requests}

{house of harlow necklace and headpiece }

{Cecilia De Bucourt Scarf}

and I can’t end a post without a little music…..

This song by Sam Sparro always pops into my head when I say

“black and gold”

and I can’t mention the Saints without my LOUIS!!! (no, not Vuitton)

2 Comments on “black and gold”

  1. Sarah says:

    a girl in my bio class had that scarf on the other day and i fell in lovvveee! i love our weirdo same mindset moments.

  2. Heatherly says:

    I was wondering about the booties in the 8th photo (the one above Nicole Richie. Who is the stylist?

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