Inès de la Fressange

{a look inside her Paris studio}

Another french fashion obsession of mine…fashion sketches + witty french= Angéline Mélin

Oh! And Happy Mardi Gras!!! Enjoy a day of king cakes, parades, beads, booze and some Mardi Gras macaroons from my favorite New Orleans sweet shop, Sucre.  French style sweets with a New Orleans twist. Yum.

3 Comments on “”

  1. neekoh says:

    the pink Eiffel Tower… so beautiful. I’d like one for my office desk as well. As well as one of those hand sculpture thingies. Haha.

  2. Holly J says:

    How did I miss this post?? I love the pink walls. I suddenly feel the urge to go to Home Depot and buy some paint, lol.

  3. Jonas says:

    Cool blog, i live in Delhi since a while now and it’s always refreshing to see cool stuff from this other side of the world!

    Continue like this!


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