Something Romantic

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No, I am not in a new relationship. There are no fluttery feelings that sparked my desire to post romantic pictures and lacy lingerie. I just love pretty, little girly things…

Writing for a New Blog!

Hiiiiii folkssss. So I got a few calls this past weekend. The first was from my professor. This is how the conversation went….

Prof: “Hi Peyton, I wanted to discuss your final project.”

Me: “Yes, I realized I was the only one who didn’t get their’s back. Is there a problem?” (thought process…OH SHIT)

Prof: “No, I entered your collection into a costume and fashion design exhibit.” (thought process THANK FUCKING GOD)

Soooo, that is the first part of my update. I will upload pics of the sketches after the exhibit! Part deux….I started writing for ANOTHER website. I know, I’m crazy. I barely have time to write for my own blog, let alone a third one. So, I want you all to check out The Campus Style, a blog featuring fashion/music/art insight from students all over the country. I published my first post today! and here it is….

With every season comes trends…that’s a no brainer…but what about nail polish? With fashion trends come nail trends (remember OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, Chanel’s Black Satin, Essie’s Chinchilly and of course- Minx). Many stick to the basics- brights for spring/summer, darks for fall/winter and nudes year round, but those of us “in the know” realize it is all about ditching the typical colors of the season and trading them in for the unexpected.

Let’s all take notes from Rumi of fashion toast for this seasons nail must-haves.


A DEFINTE must: All shades will work: Cement, Charcoal, Heather..whatever!

Rumi is wearing Essie’s Great Expectations.

Also Try: Zoya’s Harley, Grey #1 by Urban Outfitters or American Apparel’s Factory Grey


Rumi is wearing Jizz by Bleach Black. Raunchy name=great results.

Also Try: OPI’s Pearl of Wisdom or A-ha! Moment by Sephora

Note: There’s a trick when it comes to whites. Avoid a strictly solid white color, unless you like the whole “I used Whiteout to paint my nails” look. Instead use a pearly white, off white or ivory.


Very girly and cute! A perfect substitute for the typical bubble gum pink.

Rumi is wearing Sally Hansen in Commander in Chic. Killer Miu Miu’s Rumi

Also Try: YSL’s Mauve Silk, Done Out in Deco by OPI, Jan by Illamasqua and Essies’s Lilacism


It is like having chocolate fingernails. (Not recommended for recovering nail biters)

Try: You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI (matte), Sally Hansen’s Boca Mocha or Mocha by Sephora

For Kicks and Giggles: Other Shades to Try

Mint Green: Mint Candy Apple by Essie, Liberty by Knock Out Cosmetics, Milf by Illamasqua and Jade Green by Chanel

Peach: Inattendu by Chanel, Matte Orange #4 by Urban Outfitters and Tart Deco by Essie

Don’t be afraid to try Matte and Suede polishes. It may be hard to get used to the unique finish at first, but it is definitely worth the wait.

this little piggy went to pixie market

On my hunt for the perfect striped-t, a light bulb went off! PIXIE MARKET!

A huge selection and great styling/makeup/hair ideas…

Here are some of my fave striped looks and some other looks I can’t get enough of. I couldn’t help myself!! Chic hairstyles, feathers, flowers, tassels, braids, prints…it’s hard not to spend hours browsing the site.  Check it. And don’t blame me if (when) your bank account goes negative….

meow meow. miu miu.

{drawings and models: KRISATOMIC, shoes: The cherry blossom girl}

I’M BACK! And I brought Mara Hoffman with me

HELLLOOOO AGAIN! Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. I have had a truckload of things occupying my free time…including another blog I started writing for: Charleston Style. check it!

UPDATE: Firstly, I was in Cancun for a week…no explanation needed on that one…cough cough tequila. IMMEDIATELY after that, it was Charleston Fashion Week! The busiest time of the year for the Charleston fashion scene. I was assistant to the Creative Director…translation…no sleep, loads of work, numerous after parties and the best memories (cheesy but its DA TRUTH). It’s what my boss likes to call “fashion camp.” Check out the CFW website and Charleston Style blog for pics!! The fun didn’t stop there! (sarcasm) My professors decided to conspire against me and put FOUR exams and THREE projects immediately after Spring Break and CFW. Let’s do the math….No sleep+tons of partying+tons of work=CRASH! I then spent a week and a half in bed recovering from the month of March. Luckily April rolled around bringing BIRTHDAY presents, beach days and family visits. You know what else April brought? An AMAZING birthday phone call with AMAZING news. I will be studying fashion, business and art in PARIS this coming fall. You know what that means! TONS OF THINGS TO BLOG ABOUT!! Soooo to wrap things up, the past two months have been all over the place, the semester is coming to a close (more projects and tests bleckkk) and the weather is PERFECT! I hope you all enjoyed my novel of an update because I probably won’t go on a venting schpeel like that in a very long time…hopefully. I know you all aren’t reading for the nonsense I call my life, so I will get onto business. Here is a little something that has inspired me lately…

Mara Hoffman

I recently wore this Mara Hoffman to an event. What a conversation piece right? I can’t get enough of Mara Hoffman’s Spring ’10 collection. The prints are very tribal and psychedelic. Completely opposite of a typical “me” outfit (aka black and vampy)..which is why I HAD to have this dress. Thank you Aunt Marie for my bday gift!! Here are some other Mara Hoffman’s I have been drooling over…{side note: I’ve noticed all of Mara Hoffman’s pieces draw attention to the ass…chaachinnggg}

Mara Hoffman’s prints are so refreshing. Not only are the psychedelic prints on-trend but they are extremely figure flattering, drawing attention to all the right places…aka boobs and butt. I’m not joking, the SECOND I put my dress on I felt like a had an entirely different body. The fitted top and draping was extremely comfortable. Wow, I’m starting to sound freakishly like one of those “real people” in an infomercial who always have something great to say about the product. This needs to stop, now. Any-hoot, love these pieces. On-trend, figure flattering–who’s complaining?  Also love Mara’s blog. Definitely obvious where inspiration for her pieces came from…

Hope this puts you in the mood for Spring/Summer trends!!!

Another quick update (promise this won’t be a novel)…I’m designing a collection for my History of Fashion class and its due…ermmm…NEXT WEEK! Luckilyyyyy, I only have to turn in the sketches and fabric swatches and I don’t actually have to CREATE the garments. I will upload pics under the “Fashion Sketches” tab so keep an eye out! (whenever I get around to actually starting….AH!) OKAY! Off to the library…tata darlingsss (fancy accent)