sweet dreams are made of these

A Paris fling. Sleeping in. Vintage shoes. French cafes. Fluffy cats. NYC romance. Magnolia Bakery. Taking walks. Coffee shops. Laughing. Picking flowers. Dancing on the bed. Polaroid pictures.


music for the day

Like it was 1970

Chrissie Miller of Sophomore in her NYC apartment

{Elle August 2009}

My idea of summer style= 1970s reincarnated

Chrissie Miller (daughter of my favorite astrologer, Susan Miller) pulls it off perfectly!


Wooden platforms (preferably vintage), tribal jewelry/belt, a sheer/floral maxi dress, a lace or eyelet crop top and a denim romper.

More 70s inspiration:

Chanel Resort 2011

what’s new, pussycat

I’m getting a cat! I’m getting a cat! Yes, that’s right, I am finallyyyyy getting a cat in my apartment. I wanted to get one when I first moved in last August but my roommate was allergic (I still love you Sarah). Howeevverrrr, Sarah just moved out (serious sad face) and Catherine moved in….bringing her chubby, black cat named George along with her! So, it is back to being a crazy cat lady for me.. just like the good ol days.

meow meow meow meow meow so excited!

Vogue Italia: May 2008

Photographer: Miles Aldridge

Model: Siri Tollerød

Model I Love: Siri Tollerød

Siri Tollerød, DANSK Magazine February 2009

When fashion and recycling go hand in hand…crumbled magazine hats, tin foil bows, bubble wrap dresses…

If only everyone could look this good in trash.

Off Duty:

Siri decked in black with a peroxide blonde bob…I want one! I want one! ha, neverrrr gonna happen…Black blazer, bag and leggings?

That, I can do.

raw mania

{MANIAMANIA and garance doré}

Not only is the opening video of MANIAMANIA incredibly raw, but so is the aesthetic behind the jewelry line, “Real Life Awaits Us.”  The overall theme of the collection was inspired by the 1970s film “The Holy Mountain” and is a “rich synthesis of Mesoamerican iconography, geology, 1970s handicrafts, shamanism and magic.”

The inspiration for “Real Life Awaits Us” comes from a range of eras, muses, music and landscape …obviously depicted in the opening film which features music by Dark Bells playing amidst a scene of mountains, deserts and pyramids…not to mention the gorrrgeeouusssss, hippy-esq model (can I be you please?).

The line features brass and silver molten metals with raw, crystal stones and can be purchased here! Even better, the pieces are packaged in bone colored, leather pouches. yummm.

Makes me wanna pick dandelions, strip down to my knickers and dance around in a field, hippy-style.

leather lust

Project Runway’s Logan Neitzel recently launched his online store …and I can’t get enough of it!! (if only I had money to spend….)

His line, which was featured at Charleston Fashion Week during Hampden‘s show, has a deliciously dark appeal. Lux leather, chain links, horn jewelry, zippers, fur vests, buckles and acid wash….perfect way to punk-up a girly sundress or add edge to a white-t. My personal faves? FURRRRRR (of course) and the grey, leather vest. amazeballs.

His new line is drool-worthy… and so is Logan…double drool factor (ew). Match made in fashion/man-candy heaven!

Want to know more? Read the Vogue article or check out Logan’s blog for his inspiration.

p.s. I already posted this on the Campus Style…sorry for being lazy and duplicating it…summer in Charleston=beach every day/party every night/no time to blog. But don’t worry, will have some REALLYYYY good stuff soon. (hint hint PARISSSS in THREE more months!!!)

get nasty


Another shopping addiction and VERY reasonably priced