leather lust

Project Runway’s Logan Neitzel recently launched his online store …and I can’t get enough of it!! (if only I had money to spend….)

His line, which was featured at Charleston Fashion Week during Hampden‘s show, has a deliciously dark appeal. Lux leather, chain links, horn jewelry, zippers, fur vests, buckles and acid wash….perfect way to punk-up a girly sundress or add edge to a white-t. My personal faves? FURRRRRR (of course) and the grey, leather vest. amazeballs.

His new line is drool-worthy… and so is Logan…double drool factor (ew). Match made in fashion/man-candy heaven!

Want to know more? Read the Vogue article or check out Logan’s blog for his inspiration.

p.s. I already posted this on the Campus Style…sorry for being lazy and duplicating it…summer in Charleston=beach every day/party every night/no time to blog. But don’t worry, will have some REALLYYYY good stuff soon. (hint hint PARISSSS in THREE more months!!!)

One Comment on “leather lust”

  1. Thank you for the post…
    let me know when you are ready for that FUR.

    Take care

    – Logan

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