raw mania

{MANIAMANIA and garance doré}

Not only is the opening video of MANIAMANIA incredibly raw, but so is the aesthetic behind the jewelry line, “Real Life Awaits Us.”  The overall theme of the collection was inspired by the 1970s film “The Holy Mountain” and is a “rich synthesis of Mesoamerican iconography, geology, 1970s handicrafts, shamanism and magic.”

The inspiration for “Real Life Awaits Us” comes from a range of eras, muses, music and landscape …obviously depicted in the opening film which features music by Dark Bells playing amidst a scene of mountains, deserts and pyramids…not to mention the gorrrgeeouusssss, hippy-esq model (can I be you please?).

The line features brass and silver molten metals with raw, crystal stones and can be purchased here! Even better, the pieces are packaged in bone colored, leather pouches. yummm.

Makes me wanna pick dandelions, strip down to my knickers and dance around in a field, hippy-style.

2 Comments on “raw mania”

  1. Ray Mcgrath says:

    You’ve done it once more! Great article!

  2. great collection of products…

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