Model I Love: Siri Tollerød

Siri Tollerød, DANSK Magazine February 2009

When fashion and recycling go hand in hand…crumbled magazine hats, tin foil bows, bubble wrap dresses…

If only everyone could look this good in trash.

Off Duty:

Siri decked in black with a peroxide blonde bob…I want one! I want one! ha, neverrrr gonna happen…Black blazer, bag and leggings?

That, I can do.

3 Comments on “Model I Love: Siri Tollerød”

  1. Jane says:

    God, I love her so much. Siri is the most beautiful model

  2. Nasrin says:

    Siri is the most beautiful model! I totally agree! And she’s sort of like a muse for my artsy painter cousin. My cousin actually started up a digital painting blog full of really easy to understand tutorials. She’s even taking requests now too! Fyi, Siri is the most featured model on her site now. 😉

    Siri Portraits:

    My favorite tutorial (done by my cousin) featuring Siri:

  3. Siri Hicks says:

    Hey My name is Siri Also:) i dont know if it sounds the same though

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