the teaches of peaches

{peaches geldof  by the cobra snake. June 22. Nylon Sky Bar}

I don’t normally like Peaches Geldof’s style (I think she’s usually sloppy) but her look at the Nylon event on June 22nd reminded me sooo much of, well, ME! Top knot, center part, heavy top liner, nude lip, black dress, bold-gold jewelry….definition of my go-to look. There ya go Peaches! I finally approve.

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic

Jewelry by Margaux Lange

Yes, I was that four year old girl who went directly to the Barbie aisle while in Toys R Us, who played “Barbie and Ken kissing sesh” and who’s Christmas list sounded something like this….

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, all I want is My Size Barbie, Wedding Fantasy Barbie, a Barbie kitchen, a life sized Barbie car, a Barbie Princess costume, a Barbie beach house, a Barbie convertible……blah blah blah never ending

SO much Barbie…you get the picture. So when my roommate showed me Margaux Lange Barbie jewelry, I freaked. Especially since I had just spent my afternoon watching old Barbie movies. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging…here’s a clip of the Barbie Birthday Party movie I was obbssesseddd with as a kid.

so rich so pretty

Some shots from the Cobra Snake

Mickey Avalon- So Rich So Pretty

runway the ram-way

Tamae Hirokawa

My inner Aries was completely pleased with Tamae Hirokawa’s Fall ’10 collection from Japan Fashion Week. Why? Check out the hair..

Theme: Rams! My astrology obsession never ceases to amaze me.

Another astro-fash find:

Solange Azagury-Partridge Zodiac Jewelry

Love how dark the collection is!  Aries ram skull rings…