Life in plastic, it’s fantastic

Jewelry by Margaux Lange

Yes, I was that four year old girl who went directly to the Barbie aisle while in Toys R Us, who played “Barbie and Ken kissing sesh” and who’s Christmas list sounded something like this….

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, all I want is My Size Barbie, Wedding Fantasy Barbie, a Barbie kitchen, a life sized Barbie car, a Barbie Princess costume, a Barbie beach house, a Barbie convertible……blah blah blah never ending

SO much Barbie…you get the picture. So when my roommate showed me Margaux Lange Barbie jewelry, I freaked. Especially since I had just spent my afternoon watching old Barbie movies. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging…here’s a clip of the Barbie Birthday Party movie I was obbssesseddd with as a kid.

2 Comments on “Life in plastic, it’s fantastic”

  1. kellebelle says:

    I want ALL those necklaces! ‘Spesh the one with all the arms! Ha! They are SO kewl!

  2. A lot of of the comments on this particular webpage dont make sense.

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