red me like a book

My Inner Red Head

I have an addiction. A hair-changing (persona changing) addiction.  I’ve had long hair and short hair. Straight-across fringe and no fringe. I’ve been blonde (for six months…those were the days), brunette, black, red and even had teal streaks (not my best). Each hair moment represented a different “me”…. Long=beach-y summer hair (aka trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model). Short=sassy grown-up hair (trying to get an internship). Fringe=trendy hipster hair. Black=sultry. Blonde=flirty. Teal=Ashlee Simpson obsessed days. Brunette=natural.

And then there’s red. The color that keeps calling me.

Puts me in the mood for some red,red wine.

{pictured: Louise, Scarlett, Julianne, Cintia}

2 Comments on “red me like a book”

  1. carolweathers says:

    Thank you very much for another phenomenal post. Truly wonderful post.

  2. […] typical redhead huh? Hmmm, I do like to complain of my hardship but I thought I’d share this blog post from one of my favourite fashion blogs, Smokeye. She’s an Art’s Management and Art […]

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