{T by Alexander Wang. Spring 2010 ad campaign. Launched January 2010. Featuring Hannah Holman. Photographed by Daniel Jackson}

I popped into my favorite store Hampden yesterday to take some pictures for Charleston Style (with no intention to purchase anything, of course…unless it’s an impulse buy, of course). Low and behold- I found the white T by Alexander Wang top that I have been drooling over since it came out forever ago….FOR $40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I know “$40 for a t-shirt is pretty steep” (says my cousin). Then again, he has no idea who Alexander Wang is and how this t-shirt is no ordinary t-shirt, it’s a T! Also, keep in mind this shirt was originally $80. And to put it into perspective, a similar top at J Crew is $35…and that’s no AWang. Sounds like I have a good case right? Guess not. He ended up convincing me not to impulse buy. However, my rule is “If you are still thinking about said item the next day, a purchase is necessary and no longer an impulse buy.” Still thinking about it.

Don’t worry, I currently have it on hold.

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