Back to the Future

WOAH look who’s back! Sorry I was gone for so long. I can’t really believe it myself considering that my blog is my oh-so-stimulating escape into the fashion interwebs…Paris did this to me. Blame Paris. After winning that reality show “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” I got sucked into a world of cocaine and sex tapes and couldn’t escape! Let’s be clear here- Paris, France.

I can’t even begin to tell you stories about my Parisian adventures, let alone allow myself to…helllooooo depressed, culture-shocked blogger! So I will instead discuss the future. How fun is that! While in Paris (whoops, I said I wouldn’t do this), I fell in love with the world of Men’s fashion, and yes, French men…but that’s not the  point. I had never noticed how amazing and dynamic Men’s fashion actually is…previously coming from a city filled with polo shirts, khaki pants, visors and beer koozies (coozies??), I thought Men’s fashion was hopeless–with the major accessory being a keg-tap. But in Paris…men, boys, toddlers (you name it!) have a natural sense of style. So VOILA! My new found love of men’s fashion was born.

After picking up an issue of Seventh Man Magazine, working numerous model castings and rehearsals and peering into the windows of the neighboring model agency at my school in Paris (yes, you heard school in Paris was attached to an agency), I saw a glimpse into my future. Men’s modeling management. High fashion men. No, no, no…I’m not in search for my future, perfectly chiseled husband. And no, I will not find you a boyfriend (ok, I could help). And no, I am not planning on being a 40-something cougar with the slogan “I can get you famous if you come back to my hotel room” written across my forehead (even though my friends are convinced this is my destiny)…I am actually serious about this.

I am also serious about my belief that every man should have a “French boy haircut” à la Clément Chabernaud. Very serious.

Hey men! If you’re reading, take a hint from Seventh Man Magazine….and take a peek into my future….

FUN EXTRA! Video by Justin Wu in collaboration with Jak & Jil Blog

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