hope in southern comfort

I saw a glimpse of hope yesterday. As a stated in my last post, I have lost hope in the male specimen’s ability to dress here at my college in South Carolina (yes, my eyes were forced to adapt from Paris-vision to South Carolina-vision). To help alleviate the pain my eyes must endure at the sight of one-too-many Northface jackets (when boy-shopping instead of paying attention in my micro-economics class), I have been frequenting “cute” places ie. places where borderline gay boys who care about their wardrobe can be found. Ya know, art openings, coffee shops, “that weird bar no one goes to because its too hipster” …those types of  places. One spot in particular really gave me that light at the end of the tunnel feeling (bahaha sorry can’t take myself seriously with that one), a super cute coffee shop called “Hope and Union” …WOAH COINCIDENCE OR WHAT!

My best friend and I spotted a perfectly delectable specimen at the counter. A banana Nutella turnover. We also spotted something more on topic to what I am discussing in this post….a well dressed man! Boy was he delicious. Perfectly tailored, personal details and …bumbumbum…the slightest touch of SOUTHERN. There is still a little bit of southern girl in me – I am from good ol’ New Orleans and I am proud of it- so I love seeing a southern touch in an outfit, done the right way of course. Well, this fella did it right. The statement piece that caught my eye? His shoes. (shoes are a deciding factor for me-take note future flings). I of course questioned him (quizzed him) about his look. Billy Reid…was his answer. My heart stopped! Good ol’ Billy Reid, a Louisiana native. This made my day! But what made my day even more was his next statement. “They were 60% off and then another 40% off, so I had to get them!” (spoken in a completely straight man’s voice). Boy after my own heart. We are now in love. Not. But don’t worry, I will find him. Until then, I will peruse Billy Reid’s SS11 menswear collection which channels New Orleans in the 1920s. Think A Streetcar Named Desire…oh Marlon Brando….

AND the glorious, worn in, work boot that the hottie was sporting…styled his own way. Picture it: unlaced, flaps folded down, cuffed pants and a chic, printed sock peeking out

One Comment on “hope in southern comfort”

  1. Matthew says:

    Love the Billy Reid factor. Headed to NYC fashion week soon and this post has given me a little more inspiration for what to pack. Thanks!

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