dream catcher

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I guess my lack of sleep has sparked my recent dreamy inspirations…ouija boards, witchcraft, prisms, feather-like objects, cool-looking rocks, frizzy haired girls holding sparklers, astrology (oh wait, that’s a permanent obsession) etc. etc. It has also sparked my desire to take a ton of hallucinogens and dance naked at a music festival. I’ll let that one sink in with ya…anywhooo, found this amazing video back in December and thought this was the perfect post to put it with…

the cut

I got my hair cut this weekend à la Abbey Lee Kershaw for Versace SS11. Unlike Miss Abbey, my hair is a boring shade of brown, I am not wearing Versace nor am I surrounded by half naked men

…oh the dull life I live…

p.s. what do you think of the new layout??