Like I’ve said in past posts, I don’t wear bright colors. I just don’t. Black, white, grey, olive green, uhhh..that’s about it! (minus the Mara Hoffman kaleidoscope dress that I wore last April, but that was a necessary exception due to its amazingness). There is -however- one week out of the year where I put my fashion rules aside (I DO WHAT?!) and wear…hmmm, how should I put this…weird-ass colorful shit. Bright yellow boots, a purple wig, neon green spandex and (if you’re lucky) a fanny-pack…yes, me at my best. AND that special time of year is NOW! I’m not gonna give you any hints but I will inform you that this weekend’s debauchery will be very colorful. Purple, green and gold to be specific…kinda like the Spring/Summer 2011 runway shows…only a little more drunken and fat*


{Proenza Schouler}


{Michael Kors}

{Diane Von Furstenberg}

{Jil Sander}

*Why my weekend will be fat:

1.) I will be eating a lot of amazingly fattening foods

2.) “Gras” means “fat” in French…as in Mardi Gras…which means Fat Tuesday to those of you who aren’t very good at connecting dots. On that note, please do not refer to Mardi Gras as Fat Tuesday.

Usage: I will be very gras this weekend (unlike the above pictured runway models) due to my strict diet of fried oysters, jambalaya, red beans and rice, and frozen daiquiries.

Another note: do not use “gras” in the above manner or you will sound like a complete idiot.

Hope you enjoyed your Mardi Gras lesson!