the lacy days of summer

In contrast to my completely and utterly disgusting obsession with all things leather during the winter…my summer wardrobe obsession is much more girly and feminine: dainty, delicate lace. Firstly, because it would be idiotic to wear tons of leather in 90 degree weather. And secondly, how fucking AWESOME does a tan look peeking through white lace? 70s beach goddess in a doily anyone?! So, to put it simply, summer to me is all about wearing the tiniest lace dress humanly possible so that it practically shows your ass-cheeks (and if you’re lucky, your nips as well) paired with super chunky wooden shoes and maybe a handpicked flower arrangement organized in a circular fashion around one’s head. And there you have it…SUMMER!

Stone Cold Fox really got it right…this summer is allll about the lace.

I would like to give a shout out to Oracle Fox for inspiring this post–this blog has become my summer style daily go-to. Can’t get enough. AMAZEBALLS.

4 Comments on “the lacy days of summer”

  1. ginny says:

    LOVE that first dress!!

  2. SARAH says:

    I want that top in the second picture!

  3. Catherine says:

    i dig

  4. Katie says:

    i love everything about bookmarking it as we speak….also i was just looking at the scf lookbook the other day and crying bc its all so beautiful

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