the cut

I got my hair cut this weekend à la Abbey Lee Kershaw for Versace SS11. Unlike Miss Abbey, my hair is a boring shade of brown, I am not wearing Versace nor am I surrounded by half naked men

…oh the dull life I live…

p.s. what do you think of the new layout??

red me like a book

My Inner Red Head

I have an addiction. A hair-changing (persona changing) addiction.  I’ve had long hair and short hair. Straight-across fringe and no fringe. I’ve been blonde (for six months…those were the days), brunette, black, red and even had teal streaks (not my best). Each hair moment represented a different “me”…. Long=beach-y summer hair (aka trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model). Short=sassy grown-up hair (trying to get an internship). Fringe=trendy hipster hair. Black=sultry. Blonde=flirty. Teal=Ashlee Simpson obsessed days. Brunette=natural.

And then there’s red. The color that keeps calling me.

Puts me in the mood for some red,red wine.

{pictured: Louise, Scarlett, Julianne, Cintia}

Writing for a New Blog!

Hiiiiii folkssss. So I got a few calls this past weekend. The first was from my professor. This is how the conversation went….

Prof: “Hi Peyton, I wanted to discuss your final project.”

Me: “Yes, I realized I was the only one who didn’t get their’s back. Is there a problem?” (thought process…OH SHIT)

Prof: “No, I entered your collection into a costume and fashion design exhibit.” (thought process THANK FUCKING GOD)

Soooo, that is the first part of my update. I will upload pics of the sketches after the exhibit! Part deux….I started writing for ANOTHER website. I know, I’m crazy. I barely have time to write for my own blog, let alone a third one. So, I want you all to check out The Campus Style, a blog featuring fashion/music/art insight from students all over the country. I published my first post today! and here it is….

With every season comes trends…that’s a no brainer…but what about nail polish? With fashion trends come nail trends (remember OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, Chanel’s Black Satin, Essie’s Chinchilly and of course- Minx). Many stick to the basics- brights for spring/summer, darks for fall/winter and nudes year round, but those of us “in the know” realize it is all about ditching the typical colors of the season and trading them in for the unexpected.

Let’s all take notes from Rumi of fashion toast for this seasons nail must-haves.


A DEFINTE must: All shades will work: Cement, Charcoal, Heather..whatever!

Rumi is wearing Essie’s Great Expectations.

Also Try: Zoya’s Harley, Grey #1 by Urban Outfitters or American Apparel’s Factory Grey


Rumi is wearing Jizz by Bleach Black. Raunchy name=great results.

Also Try: OPI’s Pearl of Wisdom or A-ha! Moment by Sephora

Note: There’s a trick when it comes to whites. Avoid a strictly solid white color, unless you like the whole “I used Whiteout to paint my nails” look. Instead use a pearly white, off white or ivory.


Very girly and cute! A perfect substitute for the typical bubble gum pink.

Rumi is wearing Sally Hansen in Commander in Chic. Killer Miu Miu’s Rumi

Also Try: YSL’s Mauve Silk, Done Out in Deco by OPI, Jan by Illamasqua and Essies’s Lilacism


It is like having chocolate fingernails. (Not recommended for recovering nail biters)

Try: You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI (matte), Sally Hansen’s Boca Mocha or Mocha by Sephora

For Kicks and Giggles: Other Shades to Try

Mint Green: Mint Candy Apple by Essie, Liberty by Knock Out Cosmetics, Milf by Illamasqua and Jade Green by Chanel

Peach: Inattendu by Chanel, Matte Orange #4 by Urban Outfitters and Tart Deco by Essie

Don’t be afraid to try Matte and Suede polishes. It may be hard to get used to the unique finish at first, but it is definitely worth the wait.

this little piggy went to pixie market

On my hunt for the perfect striped-t, a light bulb went off! PIXIE MARKET!

A huge selection and great styling/makeup/hair ideas…

Here are some of my fave striped looks and some other looks I can’t get enough of. I couldn’t help myself!! Chic hairstyles, feathers, flowers, tassels, braids, prints…it’s hard not to spend hours browsing the site.  Check it. And don’t blame me if (when) your bank account goes negative….

leather me up, stud muffin

balmain backstage

Fall is coming!!! (unfortunately the weather isn’t showing it yet)….Even though I’m drenched in sweat….I’m still picking out my fall wardrobe must haves. I’ll be wearing- leather, silk, studs, metallic, black, white, gray and silver. Looking back on the Fall 2009 shows, I picked out who did it right in my book. My favorites- Balmain, Antonio Berardi and YSL. Here are my top picks….

Balmainbalmain runway leatherbalmain runway 2balmain skirt runway56904557 

Antonio Berardiantonioberardi runwayantonioberardi fall runway

YSLYSL-Fall-Fashion-2009-2YSL-Fall-Fashion-2009-YSL-Fall09-2ysl fall 2009 runway


Balmain: young, edgy, urban, “going out” looks

Antonio Berardi: cocktail/formal, classy with an edgy appeal

YSL: business meets biker

My Take!

(HAD to add some Louboutin’s!)

The best accessory to add to an entirely black/white/gray look (other than Louboutin’s) is LIPSTICK! (Especially during the fall/winter)….I stashed away all my fun lipstick colors this summer to avoid a melty blob of mess in my clutch. Summer isn’t really the best time for lipstick, especially in the humidity that I can’t seem to avoid! HOWEVER, now that fall is creeping in (too slowly) it is time to reincarnate my hot pinks, deep reds and bubble gums! Here are my favorite shades that add a pop of color to the previous looks…

Smashbox Pout Lipgloss

Smashbox Pout Lipgloss

This lipgloss goes on thick, almost like a lipstick, and stays put foooooreevvverrrr.

Chatterbox by MAC

Chatterbox by MAC

The HOTTEST of the hot pinks. MAC makes the best bold colors.

Chanel Rouge Hydrabase

Chanel Rouge Hydrabase

Can’t go wrong with a classic red by Chanel.

WHEW! okay this post was LOOONNNNGGG. I just looked back on it and realized how much of the page this will take up. Oh well! ENJOYYYYYY


drew’s look

I’ve fallen in love with Drew’s most recent looks. She has a very carefree, fun loving style ….like the way she applied her blue eyeshadow for a Gay Rights event in West Hollywood….and her messy hair for a recent Lakers game.

drew barrymore lakers game 2drew_barrymore_gay rights


drew_barrymore kicks heels

kate moss. smokey eyes

katesmokey eye inspiration

smokey eye inspiration

Since this is my very first fashion blog post, I thought I’d start with the queen of style..Kate Moss. This picture in particular inspired my desire to start a fashion blog called “smokeye.” As most of my friends know, I am a makeup JUNKIE…esp eye makeup. So here it is! The start to my fashion blogging with the first post about smokey eyes.