Inès de la Fressange

{a look inside her Paris studio}

Another french fashion obsession of mine…fashion sketches + witty french= Angéline Mélin

Oh! And Happy Mardi Gras!!! Enjoy a day of king cakes, parades, beads, booze and some Mardi Gras macaroons from my favorite New Orleans sweet shop, Sucre.  French style sweets with a New Orleans twist. Yum.

Bedroom White-Out

FINALLYYYY! The time has come. I move into my new apartment TODAY! …well, technically I still have a 5 hour drive ahead of me before I can move in…but still! I can’t believe 3 months have already gone by. Okayyy onto the good stuff. Here’s as little taste of some WHITE-OUT…

ikea white bedroom2

elle decor white bedroom3

elle decor white bedroom2

I get thoughts of relaxation and rejuvenation just from a glimpse of these pictures!

I went bedroom shopping today. Inspiration-WHITE! I think the chicest bedrooms are always the ones with completely white..well..everything! That way the artwork and …clutter…does the speaking for itself. I am a HUGE fan of sticking shit on the wall…pictures, artwork, vintage bobbles, etc etc etc. White walls/furniture/bedspreads make a nice canvas for a pallet of personal expression! Let the walls do the talking!

domino bedroom2

elle decor white bedroom

white bedroom

Today I stocked up on a fluffy, white down comforter…YUMMYYY….some lavender sheets and pillow cases (new favorite color! my nails are currently lavender hehe) and some statement throw pillows.

I’m planning on nailing vintage doorknobs and hooks on the wall to hang god knows what… I’m thinking vintage purses, jewelry, scarves and so on. I also want this rockin, white chandelier from urbie-o. A perfect fit for my white-out themed room. 


urban outfitters light

Here’s a bedroom I LOOOOVEEE but will never have….it looks like something out of a chic fairytale. A girl can dream! That’s what bedrooms are for aren’t they?

vintage bedroom

The Future Perfect: Williamsburg Shopping

the future perfectFinallyyyy had a shopping day in Williamsburg today (also stopped by on July 5th but was unsuccessful…I mean it WAS the day after July 4th…what do you expect??). Anyway, hit up a few stores that I mentioned in a previous post (see “New York Living”)…OAK, Fluke (which was CLOSED), Beacon’s Closet, etc etc etc…Also stopped by this art/furniture/jewelry store called The Future Perfect. My bffffff (hehe I’m such a girl) needed to pick up something for her mom. Thank goodness because I ended up LOVING the store. Price ranges for every budget and GREAT apartment finds. I found the cutest ring by AMT….it’s an acrylic “diamond ring.” I got it in RED…and it was only 10 bucks! Gotta love cheap diamonds.



amt's diamond ring 2


Also, I am craving some toile in my life. My mom had a toile border in the bathroom of my childhood house…a couple months ago I googled “toile pillows” and found some amazing hand stitched pillows (a funky take on the classic print). It was love at first sight….WELLLLLL…upon arriving in The Future Perfect, I was happy to find the EXACT pillows gracefully placed on the signature quilted white couch in the middle of the store. Unfortunately, they sold for about $180 per pillow, thank you. They also had these really awesome needlepoint graffiti pillows..they looked like something your really urban, break-dancing g-maw stitched you for a gift…brilliant. the FuturePerfect_06graffiti pillowtoile stitching


I will def need a few more Williamsburg shopping days…I need to make it back to Fluke while they are open! More to come!

New York Living

banksy-rat-nyc-425x318I’ve been to NYC several times since I was a kid to visit family. I’ve always had to follow their agenda…which was fun don’t get me wrong…but I’ve never had the chance to explore it on my own. TOMORROW, I leave for NYC. I will be staying for a month to take classes and, more importantly, experience New York like I never have before. AND I will be experiencing all of this with my best friend…and my good friends who live outside of the city will be accompanying me on my excursions as well. So, to get to the point, I apologize in advance for being slack on the posts. I’ll be busy with my fashion drawing classes, visiting family, reeking havoc, etc.  To make up for this, I’ve decided to compile some pictures of things I want to do/see and places I want to go. I’m focusing on Brooklyn because a.) I’ve NEVER explored Brooklyn EVER and b.) NYC is so huge, it’d be impossible to include it all.  If you have any suggestions, pleaseeee feel free to share!


Brooklyn Flea Market is a musttttbrooklyn-flea-tl1015

I’ve heard only good things about the vintage shops in Brooklyn. One in particular…Fluke…sounds perfect for a student budget shopper like myself. In Lucky Magazine, Rachel Comey says “Almost everything at this vintage shop is under $75.” Sounds like my kind of place! Here are some vintage shoppers in Brooklyn….vintage stylekill devil hill brooklyn


Kill Devil Hill is a vintage shop in Brooklyn with cheap stuff for decorating. Yay! Again…I’m searching for my new apartment. Rachel Comey describes it as “a den of industrial-revolution-era goodies.” Apparently, they have vintage bottles, buttons, lamps, etc….all will fit in perfectly with my “thrifty/shabby chic” look.


oak_content1OAK: words cannot describe the perfection of this store…so I will post numerous pichasss.

oak lace up rain boot

oak lunapants1_regular


oak stud bootsoak tshirt



Movies in Bryant Park


FINALLY. This is a restaurant I’ve been wanting to check out for AGES but never got a chance. The Spotted Pig.

the spotted pig nyc

I will post pictures after my trip and try to update as much as I can while I’m there!

Alexa Chung: British Flag Decor

alexa chung british flag beadspreadalexa chung apartment

british flag pillow etsy

british flag queen pillowIt looks as if Alexa Chung hasn’t finished moving into her Brooklyn apartment…but as simple as it is…there is still a chic, sophisticated, urban quality to her style. Not to mention she has the best fashion sense…love the wooden platforms and knee high tights! What really drew my attention to this picture was the British flag draped over her bed. I now want some British inspired pieces in my new apartment! I found these pillows on etsy and kaboodle….


Oh! And I love her vinyls and record player…I spy David BowieDavidBowie Record

Erin Wasson: Apartment, Style and Tattoos

erinwassonLike I previously said in my “Thrifty Chic” post, I’m currently inspired by interior decorating….for my FIRST apartment! Erin Wasson has a ridiculous art collection in her shabby chic apartment. I love her minimal yet eclectic style. Does that contradict? Oh well. I always think fashion should contradict itself anyway…keeps it interesting to look at. Love the native american, tribal, hippy vibe.


Don’t think I mentioned this yet…I’m contemplating getting a simple, dainty tattoo. Nothing too showy. Just visible enough to catch a chic glimpse. I’ve been considering it for about 4 years now. I’ve finally grown the balls (sorry to be crude) to get one! I’ve also finally thought of something meaningful enough to permanently mark onto my body. Anywho, enough chit chat…Erin Wasson has some gorgeous tats. erinwassontattooserinnews2

I promise to post tattoo pics when I FINALLY get it done. Who knows when that will be…but I’m hoping by the end of the summerrrr!!! I’m sick of using sharpee marker to make fake tats.

Thrifty Chic: Decorating the New Apartment

I recently have become obbbssssseessseeedd with decorating. I move into my FIRST apartment this August so I finally understand the whole decorating frenzy that used to bore me in the past. Apartment Therapy and Domino (which is sadly no longer) have great ideas. I am really drawn to “thrifty chic”…partially because I love the mismatched look and partially because I’m currently shopping “thrifty.”  A few things that really inspire me are pictured below.  Some key elements include: white light fixtures, black and white with bright colored accents, toile, victorian chairs, picture frame covered walls, and stacks of books and magazineslacroix living roomtoile wall and chairdomino bedroom and victorian chairframe wall2frame wallolivia palermo chairolivia palermon hermesOlivia-Palermo-Pictured above is Olivia Palermo (from “The City”) in her Tribeca apartment. Is she perfect? Her apartment, clothes, life….seriously Olivia CAN I BE YOU?