josephine de la baume is da bomb

Being 5’2 and curvy makes it hard to find a “style icon” with a similar body type…especially since my style role models are the likes of Kate Moss, Erin Wasson and Abbey Lee Kershaw (when your legs are 8 feet long, its hard to look bad in anything!) But what about us short girls? I could always look to the Olsen’s. But alas, they lack my boob-to-thigh ratio. Scarlett Johansson? I’m not that busty. Natalie Portman? I’m not nearly as thin. WHO CAN BE MY STYLE ROLE MODEL? WHO?!?!

And then I found her. A pint-sized beauty (with lovely-lady-lumps) petite-ly perched front row at the Louis Vuitton show wearing a brocade bustier and full skirt. Who was she? I needed to do my research to figure this chick out. Yeah, we have similar body-types. Yeah, she has great style. But what’s her story? And voila. Match made in fashion-icon heaven.

josephine de la baume. 

French model/singer/actress who has recently become the face of Agent Provocateur for Spring/Summer 2011 and is known for oooozing sex appeal. She was named one of Vogue’s “It Girls” in October 2009 and has been spotted with Lou Doillon, Derek Blasberg, Olivier Zahm and Alexa Chung to name a few. Not to mention she is Mark Ronson’s fiancé. (and let me just add how amazing Mark Ronson’s taste in women is-hello! Past gf was Daisy Lowe!)

Now let’s talk her style. Firstly, some of her favorite designers include Givenchy, Rick Owens and YSL (me too! me too!). She’s very feminine-but with a dark side. Not too girly frufru pretty pants. She’s also modest when its necessary but isn’t afraid to break out her sex-bomb attitude…as she stated in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, “I like to look like a tomboy during the day and then a pin-up girl at night.” GOD she’s ME! But way cooler. And hotter. And with a French accent.

Wanna meet her?? Here are some pics…

And here’s a vid that really captures her french-y-ness. Get ready to see some ass’n’titties folks…well mainly just some ass.

{pictures from Blunt LondonMango, Harper’s Bazaar, and Jalouse}

dream catcher

{mania mania, wildfox, pamela love, fashion toast}

I guess my lack of sleep has sparked my recent dreamy inspirations…ouija boards, witchcraft, prisms, feather-like objects, cool-looking rocks, frizzy haired girls holding sparklers, astrology (oh wait, that’s a permanent obsession) etc. etc. It has also sparked my desire to take a ton of hallucinogens and dance naked at a music festival. I’ll let that one sink in with ya…anywhooo, found this amazing video back in December and thought this was the perfect post to put it with…

the cut

I got my hair cut this weekend à la Abbey Lee Kershaw for Versace SS11. Unlike Miss Abbey, my hair is a boring shade of brown, I am not wearing Versace nor am I surrounded by half naked men

…oh the dull life I live…

p.s. what do you think of the new layout??

Back to the Future

WOAH look who’s back! Sorry I was gone for so long. I can’t really believe it myself considering that my blog is my oh-so-stimulating escape into the fashion interwebs…Paris did this to me. Blame Paris. After winning that reality show “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” I got sucked into a world of cocaine and sex tapes and couldn’t escape! Let’s be clear here- Paris, France.

I can’t even begin to tell you stories about my Parisian adventures, let alone allow myself to…helllooooo depressed, culture-shocked blogger! So I will instead discuss the future. How fun is that! While in Paris (whoops, I said I wouldn’t do this), I fell in love with the world of Men’s fashion, and yes, French men…but that’s not the  point. I had never noticed how amazing and dynamic Men’s fashion actually is…previously coming from a city filled with polo shirts, khaki pants, visors and beer koozies (coozies??), I thought Men’s fashion was hopeless–with the major accessory being a keg-tap. But in Paris…men, boys, toddlers (you name it!) have a natural sense of style. So VOILA! My new found love of men’s fashion was born.

After picking up an issue of Seventh Man Magazine, working numerous model castings and rehearsals and peering into the windows of the neighboring model agency at my school in Paris (yes, you heard school in Paris was attached to an agency), I saw a glimpse into my future. Men’s modeling management. High fashion men. No, no, no…I’m not in search for my future, perfectly chiseled husband. And no, I will not find you a boyfriend (ok, I could help). And no, I am not planning on being a 40-something cougar with the slogan “I can get you famous if you come back to my hotel room” written across my forehead (even though my friends are convinced this is my destiny)…I am actually serious about this.

I am also serious about my belief that every man should have a “French boy haircut” à la Clément Chabernaud. Very serious.

Hey men! If you’re reading, take a hint from Seventh Man Magazine….and take a peek into my future….

FUN EXTRA! Video by Justin Wu in collaboration with Jak & Jil Blog

essential equipment

What exactly is Equipment you might ask. Well judging by this post, it obviously has something to do with shirts you idiots! But seriously, Equipment is a line of relaxed fit, mens’ style shirts…something I have been searching for forever…aka my dream come true.

Christian Restoin—the longtime partner of Carine Roitfeld—(who also played a major role in the conceiving of one of my fashion idols, Julia Restoin Roitfeld-thanks Christian) -is at it again! He originally launched Equipment in the mid 70s…making it a wardrobe staple in the 80s…but sold the company as the early 00s creeped in (side note: back then, they came in crazy-oh-so-disco-colors). Well, lucky for us, he decided to collaborate with Serge Azria and relaunched the line this past Spring!! …with more neutral colors, might I add.

Serge Azria—brother of Max Azria, owner of Current/Elliott and Joie, and now informal “guardian” of Equipment- came up with these beauties posted bellow. Yes, you are allowed to fall in love with a shirt.

And the mother of Parisian fashion herself…

Carine Roitfeld in Equipment

So, I will repeat myself in order to make a point. I am saving money for shopping in Paris (FOUR days away)…which is why I stopped myself from purchasing one of these signature blouses. Buttttt, don’t fret–what will be one of my first purchases in Paris? You betcha bottom dollar! Thank you, my dear friend Hillary, for introducing me to my one true love.

(in the states, you can find Equipment at Saks, Barneys, and Shopbop)

red me like a book

My Inner Red Head

I have an addiction. A hair-changing (persona changing) addiction.  I’ve had long hair and short hair. Straight-across fringe and no fringe. I’ve been blonde (for six months…those were the days), brunette, black, red and even had teal streaks (not my best). Each hair moment represented a different “me”…. Long=beach-y summer hair (aka trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model). Short=sassy grown-up hair (trying to get an internship). Fringe=trendy hipster hair. Black=sultry. Blonde=flirty. Teal=Ashlee Simpson obsessed days. Brunette=natural.

And then there’s red. The color that keeps calling me.

Puts me in the mood for some red,red wine.

{pictured: Louise, Scarlett, Julianne, Cintia}

so rich so pretty

Some shots from the Cobra Snake

Mickey Avalon- So Rich So Pretty