dream catcher

{mania mania, wildfox, pamela love, fashion toast}

I guess my lack of sleep has sparked my recent dreamy inspirations…ouija boards, witchcraft, prisms, feather-like objects, cool-looking rocks, frizzy haired girls holding sparklers, astrology (oh wait, that’s a permanent obsession) etc. etc. It has also sparked my desire to take a ton of hallucinogens and dance naked at a music festival. I’ll let that one sink in with ya…anywhooo, found this amazing video back in December and thought this was the perfect post to put it with…

my lookbook crush

I have a new crush. Yes, I know, not another one…but it’s inevitable.

If you aren’t already aware, crushes have included Logan Neitzel from Project Runway (I met him in all of his glorious-ness during CF/W), Yvan Rodic of the Face Hunter (love me some tall, lanky, hilarious men), Miles from Work of Art (there’s something about his OCD-ness that turns me on…odd), and now this random guy I found on Lookbook.

It’s hard to find a guy who is hot, witty, cool (can’t think of a better word, but yeah…cool), talented, has good style but is still guy-y and most importantly…straight. Sounds too good to be true right? WRONG. I stumbled across Jordan on lookbook today and couldn’t help but lurk. He’s obviously attractive. His lookbook captions are witty. His tumblr proves that he is talented (I wonder if he could pimp-out my blog for me? hmm). He is hilarious as fuckkk-check the vids below. His style is a balanced mix of typical guy and hipster (no one likes too much hipster except, well, hipsters)…and he’s straight! Actually, I could be completely wrong about this one but judging by his lookbook and tumblr, he seems pretty straight. AND he likes cats!!! Wow, I sound creepy.

Dontcha just love school girl crushes…Call me!

His Photog Skillz

His Vids

Completely Random Side Note:

Happy Bastille Day!!! You know what that means? 39 DAYS till I leave to study in PARIS!

the teaches of peaches

{peaches geldof  by the cobra snake. June 22. Nylon Sky Bar}

I don’t normally like Peaches Geldof’s style (I think she’s usually sloppy) but her look at the Nylon event on June 22nd reminded me sooo much of, well, ME! Top knot, center part, heavy top liner, nude lip, black dress, bold-gold jewelry….definition of my go-to look. There ya go Peaches! I finally approve.

so rich so pretty

Some shots from the Cobra Snake

Mickey Avalon- So Rich So Pretty

raw mania

{MANIAMANIA and garance doré}

Not only is the opening video of MANIAMANIA incredibly raw, but so is the aesthetic behind the jewelry line, “Real Life Awaits Us.”  The overall theme of the collection was inspired by the 1970s film “The Holy Mountain” and is a “rich synthesis of Mesoamerican iconography, geology, 1970s handicrafts, shamanism and magic.”

The inspiration for “Real Life Awaits Us” comes from a range of eras, muses, music and landscape …obviously depicted in the opening film which features music by Dark Bells playing amidst a scene of mountains, deserts and pyramids…not to mention the gorrrgeeouusssss, hippy-esq model (can I be you please?).

The line features brass and silver molten metals with raw, crystal stones and can be purchased here! Even better, the pieces are packaged in bone colored, leather pouches. yummm.

Makes me wanna pick dandelions, strip down to my knickers and dance around in a field, hippy-style.

meow meow. miu miu.

{drawings and models: KRISATOMIC, shoes: The cherry blossom girl}

Props to Aldo

Aldo Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign

{Jessica Stam and Boyd Holbrook
shot by Terry Richardson}

Props to Aldo for hiring photographer Terry Richardson!…one of my favorite photographers. His pictures are usually super raunchy and raw…which I love. For Aldo, he kept it innocent and playful…which I also love (but maybe a little less).

Speaking of PROPS!! That’s my favorite thing about this campaign. It reminds me of when I was in elementary school and I REALLYYYY wanted a lip phone. I put it on every Christmas/birthday list for about 5 years but gave up once cell phones rolled around. I still want one…..also loving the skull and the cheetah.

{images from nitrolicious.com}

Here’s the campaign video….

So impressed with Aldo for doing something cool.