Like it was 1970

Chrissie Miller of Sophomore in her NYC apartment

{Elle August 2009}

My idea of summer style= 1970s reincarnated

Chrissie Miller (daughter of my favorite astrologer, Susan Miller) pulls it off perfectly!


Wooden platforms (preferably vintage), tribal jewelry/belt, a sheer/floral maxi dress, a lace or eyelet crop top and a denim romper.

More 70s inspiration:

Chanel Resort 2011

when I grow up, I want to be Françoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy

French singer, actress, style icon and astrologer

Style Moments

{HELLO metallic jumpsuit}

{Bold maxi, waist belt, bauble necklace… perfection}

{high waisted shorts and ruffle neckline= french chic}

{fur coat. nuff said.}

{she would be able to pull this off…jealous. jealous. jealous.}

{black alligator jacket, can I have you?}

Can one person have everything? Looks, talent and style? Not to mention she’s French, which makes her even more perfect….and an astrologer!!! (astrology=sick addiction of mine). So, to put it simply, I want to be her when I grow up.

Check ittttt…..

After watching that video… you want to hide under a rock…don’t you?

{images from: handbag and a tale of four cities}

i want candyyy

Fifteen years ago, I was begging my mom to take me to the candy store and buy me everything in sight! …today, it’s a totally different story. Okay, well there’s still begging involved…and in this case, there’s still a “candy shop” involved….

Candy Shop Vintage is a jewelry shop “inspired by the aesthetic of vintage candy stores and soda fountains” and is a “combination of nostalgia and excitement.”  It is also the shop that introduced me to the Aries Ring. If you keep up with my blog, you know I have a crazy-fantastic ring fetish (along with my shoe fetish and eye makeup fetish)…and if you REALLLYYY know me, you know that I have a crazy obsession with horoscopes. So you can only imagine my reaction when I stumbled across an Aries Ram ring.

{Here is the Capricorn Ring…Aries Ring picture will be posted soon}

So here’s the story….My boss hosted a Vintage Village event featuring local vintage vendors (me + tons of vintage + credit card = distaster). Picture this:  debit card in one hand–vintage jewelry, boots and clothes in the other….I then had to remind myself that $27 in the bank account was not enough for a beaded dress, sequin shirt, brocade jacket, over the knee boots (they are red suede HELLOOO must have) AND the Aries Ram ring. That’s where mommy came in…thanks mom for the early Christmas gifts!! AND thank you Lori Wyatt for my red boots, Cavortress for my New Years outfit, and Candy Shop Vintage for my Aries Ram ring.

Isn’t Candy Shop Vintage so cute?! I love the displays!!

Also, here are some TO DIIIEEEE FOR furs from Cavortress. I tried the black one on but didn’t get it…I could only beg for so much from the mother!!!



Jane Style

Jane and her Basket


jane birkin

Jane Birkin. Charlotte Gainsbourg. Lou Doillon.

jane fur basket

Jane Birkin. Fashion Icon-Actress-Singer-Film Director-AND the Hermes Birkin Bag is named after her…how fabulous can she get? She’s also mother of two equally fabulous daughters. Charlotte and Lou.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is a French/English actress and a singer/songwriter…she’s PERFECTED androgony chic.

Lou Doillon. My HERO. I live through her. Completelyyyyy envious of her existential, “fuck you I do what I want” persona.  When she was NINE she had dreadlocks (hardass bitch, I love it)..and dressed in leggings, short dresses and Grateful Dead T’s…and when she was ELEVEN she got tats and a tongue ring! Like I said..MY IDOL. Now, her style includes top hats and baggy boyfriend blazers and she has modeled for Gap and Givenchy. Lou, can I be you?

Moral of the story…I want to be in this family.

note: they all have the same haircut. love. try to tell them apart and you get bonus points!

the jaggers

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