essential equipment

What exactly is Equipment you might ask. Well judging by this post, it obviously has something to do with shirts you idiots! But seriously, Equipment is a line of relaxed fit, mens’ style shirts…something I have been searching for forever…aka my dream come true.

Christian Restoin—the longtime partner of Carine Roitfeld—(who also played a major role in the conceiving of one of my fashion idols, Julia Restoin Roitfeld-thanks Christian) -is at it again! He originally launched Equipment in the mid 70s…making it a wardrobe staple in the 80s…but sold the company as the early 00s creeped in (side note: back then, they came in crazy-oh-so-disco-colors). Well, lucky for us, he decided to collaborate with Serge Azria and relaunched the line this past Spring!! …with more neutral colors, might I add.

Serge Azria—brother of Max Azria, owner of Current/Elliott and Joie, and now informal “guardian” of Equipment- came up with these beauties posted bellow. Yes, you are allowed to fall in love with a shirt.

And the mother of Parisian fashion herself…

Carine Roitfeld in Equipment

So, I will repeat myself in order to make a point. I am saving money for shopping in Paris (FOUR days away)…which is why I stopped myself from purchasing one of these signature blouses. Buttttt, don’t fret–what will be one of my first purchases in Paris? You betcha bottom dollar! Thank you, my dear friend Hillary, for introducing me to my one true love.

(in the states, you can find Equipment at Saks, Barneys, and Shopbop)


{T by Alexander Wang. Spring 2010 ad campaign. Launched January 2010. Featuring Hannah Holman. Photographed by Daniel Jackson}

I popped into my favorite store Hampden yesterday to take some pictures for Charleston Style (with no intention to purchase anything, of course…unless it’s an impulse buy, of course). Low and behold- I found the white T by Alexander Wang top that I have been drooling over since it came out forever ago….FOR $40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I know “$40 for a t-shirt is pretty steep” (says my cousin). Then again, he has no idea who Alexander Wang is and how this t-shirt is no ordinary t-shirt, it’s a T! Also, keep in mind this shirt was originally $80. And to put it into perspective, a similar top at J Crew is $35…and that’s no AWang. Sounds like I have a good case right? Guess not. He ended up convincing me not to impulse buy. However, my rule is “If you are still thinking about said item the next day, a purchase is necessary and no longer an impulse buy.” Still thinking about it.

Don’t worry, I currently have it on hold.

my lookbook crush

I have a new crush. Yes, I know, not another one…but it’s inevitable.

If you aren’t already aware, crushes have included Logan Neitzel from Project Runway (I met him in all of his glorious-ness during CF/W), Yvan Rodic of the Face Hunter (love me some tall, lanky, hilarious men), Miles from Work of Art (there’s something about his OCD-ness that turns me on…odd), and now this random guy I found on Lookbook.

It’s hard to find a guy who is hot, witty, cool (can’t think of a better word, but yeah…cool), talented, has good style but is still guy-y and most importantly…straight. Sounds too good to be true right? WRONG. I stumbled across Jordan on lookbook today and couldn’t help but lurk. He’s obviously attractive. His lookbook captions are witty. His tumblr proves that he is talented (I wonder if he could pimp-out my blog for me? hmm). He is hilarious as fuckkk-check the vids below. His style is a balanced mix of typical guy and hipster (no one likes too much hipster except, well, hipsters)…and he’s straight! Actually, I could be completely wrong about this one but judging by his lookbook and tumblr, he seems pretty straight. AND he likes cats!!! Wow, I sound creepy.

Dontcha just love school girl crushes…Call me!

His Photog Skillz

His Vids

Completely Random Side Note:

Happy Bastille Day!!! You know what that means? 39 DAYS till I leave to study in PARIS!

red me like a book

My Inner Red Head

I have an addiction. A hair-changing (persona changing) addiction.  I’ve had long hair and short hair. Straight-across fringe and no fringe. I’ve been blonde (for six months…those were the days), brunette, black, red and even had teal streaks (not my best). Each hair moment represented a different “me”…. Long=beach-y summer hair (aka trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model). Short=sassy grown-up hair (trying to get an internship). Fringe=trendy hipster hair. Black=sultry. Blonde=flirty. Teal=Ashlee Simpson obsessed days. Brunette=natural.

And then there’s red. The color that keeps calling me.

Puts me in the mood for some red,red wine.

{pictured: Louise, Scarlett, Julianne, Cintia}

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic

Jewelry by Margaux Lange

Yes, I was that four year old girl who went directly to the Barbie aisle while in Toys R Us, who played “Barbie and Ken kissing sesh” and who’s Christmas list sounded something like this….

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, all I want is My Size Barbie, Wedding Fantasy Barbie, a Barbie kitchen, a life sized Barbie car, a Barbie Princess costume, a Barbie beach house, a Barbie convertible……blah blah blah never ending

SO much Barbie…you get the picture. So when my roommate showed me Margaux Lange Barbie jewelry, I freaked. Especially since I had just spent my afternoon watching old Barbie movies. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging…here’s a clip of the Barbie Birthday Party movie I was obbssesseddd with as a kid.

Like it was 1970

Chrissie Miller of Sophomore in her NYC apartment

{Elle August 2009}

My idea of summer style= 1970s reincarnated

Chrissie Miller (daughter of my favorite astrologer, Susan Miller) pulls it off perfectly!


Wooden platforms (preferably vintage), tribal jewelry/belt, a sheer/floral maxi dress, a lace or eyelet crop top and a denim romper.

More 70s inspiration:

Chanel Resort 2011

Model I Love: Siri Tollerød

Siri Tollerød, DANSK Magazine February 2009

When fashion and recycling go hand in hand…crumbled magazine hats, tin foil bows, bubble wrap dresses…

If only everyone could look this good in trash.

Off Duty:

Siri decked in black with a peroxide blonde bob…I want one! I want one! ha, neverrrr gonna happen…Black blazer, bag and leggings?

That, I can do.