shopping day

FINALLYYYYYY…a shopping day!!! I have been lacking some Fall/Winter essentials which NEEDED to make a way into my wardrobe. Here are some staples of the season that I picked up during my Thanksgiving break and the pictures that inspired my purchases:

Faux Fur Vest: Obvious must have for warmth and fashion purposes. I have be suffering without one forever and my life finally feels complete.

Black, lace-up, wedge boots: Practically EVERY designer from AWang to Phi to Chloe to Proenza to Mui Mui have created a pair of these immaculate commodities…I felt like I was the ONLY person without some! Not anymoooorreee… {acne wedges}

Statement Bauble/Chain Necklace: I bought 2 of these…the first is a thick, gold chain entangled with smaller ribbons and chains. The other one is layered silver and gold chains. Perfect bold pieces for my typical black ensemble. {oscar de la renta & dkny necklaces}

Embellished, Cropped Jacket: Doesn’t have much of a warmth-factor but looks chic and professional at the same time. SUCCESS.

Grey Wrap Coat: The coziest thing I have EVER tried on. It reminds me of my college sweatshirt… minus the “library sesh” look.

decorate me

It’s the holiday season and it’s time to decorate! Ornaments, wreaths, lights, baubles, tinsel…RINGS!  Like I’ve said before, I love rings…I always wear at least 4. However, when it’s hot and sticky outside, rings are the last things I want confining my fingers (humidity = fat fingers EW!). It’s just starting to get cold in Charleston and it’s time to break out the decorations. The festive season calls for festive fingers…red polish and cocktail rings GALORE! These pictures put me in the holiday spirit…almost as much as a decked out tree.


(most pictures feature the Olsen’s…they know how to decorate!)

for the love of daul

daul kim (may 31, 1989-nov 19, 2009)

can’t get enough of: dree hemingway

dree-hemingway breton top

dree-hemingway kitten glasses

dree hemingway streetstyle 2

dree hemingway streetstyle



dree hemingway rings

body is art

nudes. the body as a canvas.


body DaisyLoweNude8

This post is inspired by my drawing class. This week, we are drawing nudes. Most people are scared, embarrassed or disgusted about the thought of staring at a random person’s naked body for 3 hours. To be honest, I don’t know how I will react or what I will think during the first few minutes. HOWEVER, I do know that I read way to many fashion magazines picturing half naked… or fully naked models….to be fazed. I should be used to it right? The idea of the body as art is something that the fashion industry thrives on….what are models? – Canvases for fabric artwork of course!! So that will be my exact mindset when walking into my drawing class this Thursday.  I CAN’T WAIT! Isn’t it fun comparing fashion to real life?

body kate moss

body agyness-deyn-nude-3

body kate

eye drama erin wasson

body 1

body kate moss 2

the nightmare before fashion

What a perfect combination- Halloween and Fashion. Skeleton thin models, black lace and leather, dark nails, red lips and -of course- smokey eyes.


When I saw this Harper’s Bazaar Tim Burton spread…I nearly fell off my chair. This is by far my favorite photoshoot of theirs in awhile. PERFECTION!



tim burton spread 4

tim burton spread

tim burton spread 5






tim burton spread 3

Ruven Afanador, one of my favorite fashion photographers, did this evolution inspired spread which fits PERFECTLY with my Halloween-fashion theme. Who doesn’t love skeletons?

ruven afanador skull fashion 7

ruven afanador skull fashion 6Ruven Afanador skull fashion 2

Ruven Afanador skull fashion3Ruven Afanador skull fashion

Like I’ve already said, Halloween is my favorite holiday. It probably has a lot to do with my mom. Traditions in my family were not exactly normal: we anticipated the arrival of the “Great Pumpkin” (the Santa of Halloween), watched The Nightmare Before Christmas over and over again, read spell books (my mom told my sister and I that we were real witches! haha) and danced outside to eerie music during the first cool, Fall night– what I like to call Halloween weather. Howevvverrr, I’m not home anymore. I MISS IT!

Something I love about Charleston though is that Halloween isn’t just one day…it is an ENTIRE WEEK- “Halloweek.” That means….numerous costumes and several parties…my 2 favorite things! What’s not to love about this holiday…or holi-week?

Soooooo… now it is time to pop in some Tim Burton movies and get inspired!

lady is a vampire

wild-fox-couture-9wildfoxf09wildfox-couture 3wild-fox-couture-8wild-fox-couture-2WildFox vampire 2wildfox vampirewild-fox-couture-fangs


brain isn’t functioning- super busy past 2 weeks- a million art projects, dance practice, internship, concerts, went out too much, got sick, in bed all weekend, all nighter last night, huge architecture test this morning. can’t think- need coffee.  obviously can’t type a coherent sentence.

I’m ready for Halloween NOW- favorite holiday. want to be a vampire…these pictures from wildfox couture inspired me. ENJOY.